Stuff Joe Likes: C2O Pure Coconut Water

C2O is Joe Rogan’s favorite brand of coconut water. If you’ve been listening to his podcast for a long while, you’d certainly know this. At one point in time, Joe was drinking cans of the stuff during each podcast and telling guests about how C2O uses special Thai coconuts that produce a much sweeter and tastier coconut water compared to many other brands available. That seems to be the consensus with other consumers as well, at least according to the 67% of people who have reviewed this product on Amazon and given it five stars.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little tastier than plain water, coconut water is a great option. There’s no added sugar, it’s fat-free, and coconut water is packed with electrolytes. As a result, many athletes and people who play sports and exercise regularly use coconut water as a healthier alternative to Gatorade or other sports drinks. I also hear that people use it for rehydrating after a night out binge drinking, but I wouldn’t know anything about that. Nope. Not at all.

Unless you live in a major metropolitan city or nearby a Whole Foods, you might have difficulty finding C2O brand coconut water. I’ve looked for it but never actually found it in person, but have tried other brands and didn’t think much of them. Fortunately Amazon carries 17.5 oz tall cans, smaller 10 oz cans, 17.5 oz cans with pulp, and even coconut chips as well.

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