The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 866 with Christine Hassler

Episode Number: 866
Episode Guest: Christine Hassler
Original Airdate: October 25, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Ting, DIFF Eyewear, JackThreads, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Christine Hassler is an author, speaker, and life coach. Check out her podcast Over It and On With It available on iTunes. Her books are available on Amazon.

Topics Discussed: How she became a life coach; being teased and having depression as a child; working in the entertainment industry; never being satisfied; wanting to reinvent herself; Hollywood is a business of rejection and isn’t based on talent; being on Prozac at 10-years-old; why do people want to put others down; Donald Trump is a bully; Megyn Kelly interview with Donald Trump; people side with bullies because they’re scared of them; talk about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and being the president; men who are for Hillary Clinton; male feminists; white privilege; technology will eliminate the need for government; we will be able to read intention and thoughts in the future; Trump/Clinton debates; being dumped before her wedding; writing a book; learning from other peoples’ mistakes; people are terrified of the unknown; failure; you shouldn’t be happy all the time; sadness is a part of life; learning to deal with disappointment; she never thought she could be happy; being on antidepressants helped her; women don’t have an outlet for anger; feelings and emotion; how she helps women release their anger; how she got off her antidepressants; doctors viewed her as being “broken”; psychiatrists have difficult jobs; it took two years before she felt like the antidepressants were out of her system; the first day without antidepressants; spiritual psychology; accessing her inner wisdom; The Secret book; law of attraction; differences between antidepressants; anxiety; she only takes vitamins and supplements now; her life experiences can help people; Man’s Search for Meaning book; people need to look at their relationship with themselves; acceptance and perspective; believe it’s possible to change; overcoming adversity; her retreats are only for women; vitamin B1 stops bug bites; Thermacell mosquito repellent device; smells; a woman can tell if she’s attracted to a man by his smell, but not when she’s on the pill; birth control pill affects a woman’s taste in men article; doing her retreats with men and women; having friends is important; peers are more important than parents article; relationships; people with unrealistic expectations; telling someone she can’t work with them; giving people the tools to change; women are vulnerable and it creates anxiety; aggressive women and weak men; men feel emasculated; Joe talks about an angry ex-girlfriend; choose a career that’s healthy for you; what would she do if she wasn’t a life coach; people get lost in their jobs; making gradual changes to your life; people work too much; why didn’t Joe get a regular job; Joe barely got through school; Joe is disciplined yet obsessed; Joe thinks his brain doesn’t work like everyone elses; Joe has many obsessions and finds it hard to relax; Joe used to lack confidence and have anxiety; Joe is fascinated by people; martial arts and teaching Taekwondo helped Joe a lot; a regular job was more scary to Joe than doing stand-up comedy; children and creativity; the school system doesn’t nurture creativity; technology might force people to work more creative jobs; businesses and minimum wage jobs; life goes by quickly; take a chance to make things happen; take the first step towards change; write down the things that you need to do; change will make you feel better; falling into old patterns for comfort.

My Thoughts: Talk about her past, her work as a life coach, life, relationships, changing your life, and a little bit of politics near the beginning. Joe talks a lot about himself during the last half hour. Talk about work and following your creative passions. I’m sure many people will find this to be an inspirational podcast. A nice change of pace from hunting, animals, fighting, politics, etc.

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