The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 724 with Christina Sommers

Episode Number: 724
Episode Guest: Christina Sommers
Original Airdate: November 18, 2015
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Guest Bio: Christina Sommers is an author and former philosophy professor known for her writings about feminism in contemporary American culture.

Topics Discussed: Her nickname “Based Mom”; based term; taking back feminism to its origins; feminism today is designed to create anger in women; mob mentality on social media; Yale Halloween costume controversy; colleges turning into police states; micro aggressions; drinking and sexual assault/rape; women are exonerated from decisions they make while drinking; women in the classic sense are demonized; there are differences between men and women; statistics about rape and rape accusations; gender scholars have an agenda; lives are ruined when men are accused of rape; choosing a side; being a humanist; atheism plus; cultural appropriation; protests over kimono exhibit at a museum; people are living an alternate reality on Twitter; age gap between men and women; different jobs that men and women choose; women at Oberlin College wearing duct tape over their mouths during one of Christina’s talks; Wiccans; studying gender theory; choosing an occupation to make money vs. doing something you enjoy; figuring out your path; women in tech; people are just trying to get attention online; women are better educated than men; kindergarten is geared towards girls; differences between how boys/men and girls/women play; how boys/men show affection; differences between affection and bullying; school today is geared towards females; gender apartheid; first grader suspended for playing with an imaginary bow and arrow; engaging in fantasy doesn’t mean you will become violent in real life; millennials are the least homophobic generation; addictive behavior and obsessive perfection; Joe recognizing his own addictions; we have more access to violent media than ever before, yet the world is safer than ever; strange Japanese culture and used panty vending machines; humiliatrix; furries; Joe talks about being at a fandom furry convention; why do women focus on gender studies and men tend to ignore it; there should be a class about the honest differences between men and women; males and risk taking; resisting closed mindedness; future of education; the American Civil Universities Union (ACLU); Duke lacrosse case; Nancy Grace; conservative students in college; fight bad ideas with good ideas; Yale students protest free speech, spit on attendants; people looking for a green light to be offended; Christina talks about protesting and being part of a mob during her college days; people love to be a part of a group; her mom is sympathetic to what she’s doing; Hillary Clinton and social issues; does she gain satisfaction from what she’s doing; scholars–specifically women scholars–need to encourage a more rational world view; do men teach gender studies; Michael Kimmel doesn’t like men; “Dear Woman” video; weak men become gender traitors/male feminists; otherizing; let comedians tell their jokes; Joe doing comedy at colleges; need for a youth rebellion; not liking to watch herself; Christopher Hitchens and Mos Def; funny female comedians; Joan Rivers; male feminist comedians; Dick Gregory.

My Thoughts: Joe’s back with the guests talking about feminism.

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