The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 855 with Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky

Episode Number: 855
Episode Guest: Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky
Original Airdate: October 3, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, Squarespace, LegalZoom, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky are stand-up comedians and together they host their own podcast called Your Mom’s House.

Topics Discussed: Ergonomic chairs; Narcos Netflix show; Cocaine Cowboys documentaries; Jennifer Lopez is hot; dating someone based on their looks; plastic surgery; hot chicks who get older; aging rockers; Mick Jagger’s exercise routine; James Brown dancing video; James Brown Zaire video; motivational quotes and memes; leg surgery; watching surgery; Tom wanted to be a doctor; Tom saw a cyst removed from a vagina; Dr. Pimple Popper; James Brown’s police chase; James Brown high during interview video; Tom Segura “9 Inches” video; PCP; Joe knows someone with a toe for a thumb; Tom tells a Joey Diaz story; Joey Diaz’s farts; Joey Diaz talk; waking up early; working out in the morning; Joe talks about his ketogenic diet; Kegenix drink mix; Tom is doing the ketogenic diet now; sugar withdrawal; talk about food; peanut butter; Christina’s family; Eastern European people; do Russians admire Vladimir Putin; Putin assassination attempt; North Korea’s 28 websites; people mourning the death of Kim Jong-Il video; talk about North Korea’s labor camps; Escape from Camp 14 book; prisoners working in prison is like slavery; prison inmates wearing pink; Tom is going on a Latin morning talk show; University changes gender pronoun to “his majesty”; gender talk; Dakota Hendrix gender pronoun video; Radiolab Invisibilia podcast episode where someone changes their gender during the podcast; more talk about changing genders and gender pronouns; LGBTQIA definition; kids are growing up too soft; 52-year-old identifies as a six-year-old girl; Dan Pena why you’re poor video; Montana man attacked by grizzly bear twice; talk about Montana; Joe tells an Adam Greentree story; Joe talks about Cameron Hanes running marathons; Tough Mudder runs; more transgender talk; religions where you can’t cut your hair; religion seems more ridiculous the older you get; Rick Rubin; Seal talk; dad music; Sisqo’s “Thong Song”; Gucci Mane talk; girl flips bird to judge video; court and judges; drinking water; Tom talks about DJ Dad Mouth; talk about doing morning news shows; #bertisfat; people like to pick sides; Hillary Clinton wanted to drone attack Julian Assange; guy who leaked Hillary Clinton emails was murdered; election talk; Trump/Clinton debate talk; Trump’s tax returns; does Trump really want to be president; Hacking Democracy documentary; former speaker of the house and serial child molester Dennis Hastert gets 15 months in prison; Kim Kardashian robbery; who will Angelina Jolie hook up with next; would Tom want to see Christina have sex with a big black guy; Piss Christ; why are people fine with violence but not with sex/nudity; The Brown Bunny movie; female newscasters are hot but the men are gross; talk about female news anchors; Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump; female Fox News anchors; talk about different cable news networks; why are young single guys into Donald Trump; Trump mocks Hillary’s stumbleMary Gonzalez, Texas State Representative, identifies as pansexual; the world is so strange now; North Korea and Kim Jong-un talk; America is only concerned with itself; catapults; Saudi Arabia Uncovered documentary; decapitation videos; drawn and quartered; torture; spots on earth that haven’t evolved; we like to think we’re more advanced than we actually are; life is fragile; grizzly bears in Yellowstone; Alaska grizzly bear encounter video; Joe talks about bears and what they eat; short-faced bear; eating bears; bears are cannibals; polar bear population; Tom’s selling out shows; what made Joe do a podcast; Christina and Tom’s podcast; ranch dressing.

My Thoughts: Some good nuggets sprinkled in between talk about gender pronouns, politics, and bears.

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