The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 939 with Chris Cage

Episode Number: 939
Episode Guest: Chris Cage
Original Airdate: April 3, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Chris Cage is the founder of Greenbelly Meals and also the author of How To Hike The Appalachian Trail: A Comprehensive Guide to Plan and Prepare for a Successful Thru-Hike.

Topics Discussed: Greenbelly Meals; hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT); what it was like three months into the hike; Pacific Crest Trail; the Boy Scouts got him into hiking; how he funded his hike; he works as an accountant; it costs about $5,000 for six months of hiking; running out of food; how shopping and laundry works; does he ever think “why am I doing this?”; Joe talks about going camping as a kid; appreciating a shower after hiking and camping; meeting weirdos while hiking; shelters on the trail; crackheads staying in the shelters; more talk about shelters; walking out on life; most hikers do the AT alone; meeting people and hiking with them; Eric Rudolph; AT trail names; Chris’ trail name is “Smooth” for his hairless legs; Joe talks about shaving his ass; guys shaving their bodies; shaving eyebrows; weird trail names Chris heard; hovering over a public toilet; Lyme disease; Morgellons disease; Joe talks about meeting people with Morgellons and Lyme disease; Joe talks about what he wears while hunting; tick bites; Lyme disease map; giardia; finding drinking water while hiking; Chris went to France after finishing the AT hike; A Walk in the Woods book; Wild book; Pacific Crest Trail and water; trail angels; hitchhiking talk; hitchhiking in New Zealand; Joe talks about hitchhiking; Couchsurfing; most people are pretty nice; Joe is blown away by couchsurfing; Chris gets bored easily; getting beaten down by regular life; what it was like to finish the hike; sign at the end of the trail; he was in rough shape at the end of the trail; (1:00:00) stress fractures in his feet; what kind of shoes he wore; ankle strength; what Joe wears on his feet while hunting; shoe gaiters; importance of packing light while hunting and hiking; hunters carry way more gear than hikers; hunters use weights to train for hiking with heavy gear; elite hunters are athletes; Joe says he isn’t in good shape for hunting; people are ignorant about hunting and hunters; more talk about preparing for hiking; Joe carried his daughter around while hiking; carrying meat from a kill while hunting; how Chris chose a backpack to use; what he carries with him; what clothes he wears while hiking and sleeping; why Chris chose synthetic clothes over merino wool; Osprey backpacks; Hyperlite backpacks; Gossamer Gear backpacksGranite Gear backpacks; ULA backpacks; finding the right backpack; hunters and hikers need different backpacks; Sawyer water bottles; smog/pollution and Joe talks about brake dust again; Trump to dismantle environmental protections; pollution from old cars; smog in China; he’s living in Guatemala right now and runs his business online; he can fit everything he owns in one bag; Joe talks about Steve Maxwell; why he chose to live in Guatemala; speaking Spanish; learning other languages; Joe wonders how Chinese people text; more talk about Guatemala; he works out with paint buckets; Mayan script; Decoding Maya documentary; ancient Maya astronaut; Chichen Itza; ancient civilizations and astronomy; Sean’s Bar in Ireland dates back to 900 AD; Maya civilization collapse; Yucatec Maya language being spoken video; Olmec civilization; Joe talks about his sunburn and made Jamie lotion him up with aloe vera; more talk about Olmecs; lost cities; (2:00:00) his plans for the future; California talk; pacific northwest; Joe talks about going in search of Bigfoot; the human memory sucks; woman who crashed car says she saw Bigfoot; hiking at night in Shenandoah National Park; talk about how and why he started Greenbelly Meals; Joe talks about his ketogenic diet; Joe’s podcast with Robb Wolf.

My Thoughts: Chris talks about hiking. Joe talks a lot about hunting. Talk about ancient civilizations and Bigfoot towards the end.

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