The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 682 with Mark Bell and Chris Bell

Episode Number: 682
Episode Guest: Mark Bell and Chris Bell
Original Airdate: August 12, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Caveman CoffeeOnnit, Dollar Shave Club, Audible

Guest Bio: Mark Bell is an elite powerlifter and owner of Team Super Training Gym in Sacramento, CA. Chris Bell is a writer, director, and filmmaker known for the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster and his new documentary Prescription Thugs, which premieres in the fall.

Topics Discussed: Bigger Stronger Faster documentary; steroids and athletes; Mag-10; Bruce Jenner, steroids, and estrogen; testosterone levels in gay and trans people; Matt Kroc trans powerlifter; cops and steroids; Pride FC and UFC drug testing; Smashing Machine documentary; pro wrestlers; Vitor Belfort; testosterone replacement therapy; stem cells; congress and baseball players; Speedo LZR Racer suit; kids and sports; CRISPR; genetic engineering; steroids and suicide; antidepressants; brain injuries and human growth hormone; IVs and rehydration; weight classes; fish oil; alpha lipoic acid; antioxidants; kale shakes; Athletic Pure Packs; fighters pulling out of fights; athlete families; Joanna Jedrzejczyk; Ronda Rousey; Ronda Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr.; Luke Rockhold armbarred by Ronda Rousey video; Royce Gracie; EPO; muscle and cardio; Cain Velasquez’s performance in Mexico; Brock Lesnar; concussions; Joe’s start in the UFC; Vince McMahon tried to start an MMA organization; UFC competition; UFC uniforms; Reebok; Reactive Slingshot by Mark Bell; bench vest; injuries lifting; video of him falling; Louie Simmons; Mark’s early life lifting; Hulk Hogan controversy; Jimmy “Superfly” Snucka; “Rowdy” Roddy Piper; wrestling Jimmy Snuka; Brock Lesnar jumps off ropes and lands on head; The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts documentary; “Diamond” Dallas Page; yoga; hip replacement; knee surgery and treatments; Mark’s free gym; Prescription Thugs documentary; their dead brother; Chris’ pill and alcohol addition; recovery from addition; Oxycontin and addiction; Xanax relapse; alcohol problem; rehab; addiction triggers; relapsing; 2 million people addicted to pills in America; lobbyists; Ritalin and Adderall addiction; Luther Reigns wrestler addiction story; what can be done; avoiding addiction; Florida pill mills; solving the big pharma problem; finding passion; how his movies got made; Trophy Kids documentary; Todd Marinovich.

My Thoughts: Sticks to the topic the whole time. Interesting stuff about PEDs and pill addiction.

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