The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1112 with Cameron Hanes

Episode Number: 1112
Episode Guest: Cameron Hanes
Original Airdate: May 5, 2018
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Guest Bio: Cameron Hanes is a bowhunting athlete, training intensively each and every day to become the ultimate predator. He also has a podcast available on Apple Podcasts called Keep Hammering with Cameron Hanes.

Topics Discussed: Recent Hawaii earthquake; deer population in Hawaii; talk about hunting deer in Hawaii; destructive goats in Hawaii; Joe thinks the fastest animals are the most delicious; axis deer; crawling to hunt deer; being quiet; Joe broke his phone and felt better without checking social media so much; Trump/Stormy Daniels talk; we can’t trust Trump because he’s a liar; talk about Hillary Clinton lying; anyone at that level is slimy; Joe doesn’t have a wish list of guests, he just wants guests who interest and inspire him; what if Joe podcasted with Trump; people hate Trump so much; Trump says crazy shit; Cam is working with the government and talks about how it came to be; hunting in Africa; Trump lifts ban on trophy hunting importing; poaching and trophy hunting in Africa; value of animals; Zimbabwe had to cull 200 lions; Cecil the lion; hunting and conservation; Patagonia said that Trump stole people’s land; more talk about federal lands; Trump to open US coastal waters to drilling; companies profiting off public lands; Jason Chaffetz withdraws bill to transfer federal land to the states(1:00:00) Cam has never killed an elephant or a lion; trophy hunting; Trophy CNN documentary; the meat from trophy hunting doesn’t go to waste; the trophy hunting solution is complicated; Louis Theroux’s African Hunting Holiday documentary; stealing meat from lions video; food waste in America; negative feedback online about hunting posts; Cam doesn’t enjoy the kill, he enjoys the meat; Cam talks about his desire for perfection; the relief from a perfect shot and a quick kill; it’s too easy to insult people online; very few people kill their own meat; Joe gives away a lot of meat to his friends; hunters are providers; Joe eats game meat daily; man trying to take selfie dies after being mauled by bear; some animals are cunts; elephants can be aggressive; elephants and tigers kill one person per day in India; talk about how big Africa is; Cam only recently learned about the term “bear“; talk about Kanye’s recent support of Trump; Jimmy Kimmel crying over Cecil the lion video; Relentless Enemies documentary; hyenas; animals don’t have time for compassion in the wild; grizzly populations need to be controlled; British Columbia ends grizzly bear hunting; anthropomorphizing animals; a plague of pigs in Texas; how do vegans feel about animals killing other animals; talk about hunting and providing for yourself; Cam would take Kanye hunting for bear if he had to; Kanye bought 300 acres of land in Wyoming; what if grizzly bears killed the Kardashians; archery; challenges are important; archery talk; more Kanye talk; cell phone addiction; Joe talks about hunting and not using his phone; more talk about their Hawaiian hunting trip; (2:00:00) Cam’s Instagram; starting hunting is the hard part because the barrier to entry is so high; Joe talks about how much he has learned about hunting; stalking an animal; Cam talks about how someone can start hunting; shooting arrows for practice vs. shooting an animal; hunting is often boring and unsuccessful; anxiety; breathing and relaxing during hunting; hunting is a powerful experience; exercising and running marathons to make himself a better hunter; Cam talks about exercising; Cam talks about his family life; what it’s like running an ultramarathon; more running talk; achieving goals releases anxiety; hard exercise is an important requirement for a healthy life; Cam talks about worrying whether he raised his kids properly; his kids want to join the military; unrealized potential; more talk about being a parent; Cam doesn’t think he’s reached his full potential yet; running a 500-mile marathon; more marathon talk; Courtney Dauwalter and sleeping during a marathon; Zach Bitter; more running talk; pain and running; people want everything to feel good; preparing to run an ultramarathon; salt capsules and running; the sport of running marathons is evolving; Cam thinks he’s terrible at business; Cam hates when business interrupts his passions; wasting time; it’s easy to get distracted; Joe’s podcast has helped his friends become successful; nothing Joe puts on Instagram is an advertisement; Instagram advertisements; Joe thinks people alive today will live until 150 years of age; Colby Covington and UFC talk; video of Tyron Woodley hitting pads after shoulder surgery; Cam knows Colby Covington and thinks he’s a great guy; (3:00:00) UFC 225 talk.

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National Geographic - Relentless Enemies
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