The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1154 with Doug Duren and Bryan Richards

Episode Number: 1154
Episode Guest: Doug Duren and Bryan Richards
Original Airdate: August 8, 2018
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Guest Bio: Doug Duren is a passionate hunter, farmer, land manager, and conservationist. Bryan Richards is the CWD project leader for the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Wildlife Health Center.

Topics Discussed: Chronic waste disease (CWD) explanation; CWD could become a health issue for humans at some point; the disease results in holes in the brain and ultimately death; CWD is similar to mad cow disease (BSE); explanation of prions; prions can persist for decades on the ground, leaves, etc. after being shed by an infected animal; deer can look normal despite being infected; CWD is spreading across the world; CWD in reindeer in Norway; the Norweigian government killed 1,400 reindeer and banned reindeer for five years in a specific area; there’s no evidence yet that humans can get CWD; kuru disease; EHD; Ted Nugent doesn’t think CWD is much of a problem; EHD can be stopped, while there’s nothing known that can stop CWD; there’s no evidence that CWD has crossed over into humans, but there’s a small chance that it could; there are probably more than two strains of CWD out there; CWD cannot be given to a normal laboratory mouse, though a strain of CWD was discovered that can be given to lab mice; some hunters are skeptical about CWD; CWD in Wisconsin; CWD is found more often in adult male deer; there’s no evidence CWD has been transmitted to cows; CWD can bind to plants after being urinated on by a deer; proof is hard in the biological world; Merchants of Doubt documentary; deer eat what people eat, leading to the possibility of transferring CWD to humans; CWD is clearly being spread in deer; lots of humans are exposed to disease associated prion protein from CWD, and likely from plant material as well; transmission between the species barrier is an open question and it could happen; the rate of exposure is increasing exponentially; more hunters are being exposed; the chances of humans getting CWD is small, but not impossible; talk about Doug’s farm and animals; CWD incubation is between 3-5 years; (1:00:00) what can be done and what is being done now to prevent the spread of CWD; humans could unknowingly be transferring CWD from one location to another; just 25 states don’t have cases of CWD; high fence operations; talk about the size of deer; wild animals vs. high fence animals; Irish elk; large antlers are not good for a species; high fence operations and CWD; CWD was first described in 1967; carcass moving and CWD; hygiene and the disposing of dead animals; disposing of carcasses infected with CWD; Doug is working on a safe way for disposing of animal bones for CWD testing; the possibility of a cure for CWD; there’s not a lot of money for creating something to treat or cure CWD; vaccines for prion diseases; the majority of deer farms have never had CWD; deer that are genetically resistant to CWD can still get CWD; CWD is contagious and fatal; 50% of adult male deer and 30% of female deer in Wisconsin have CWD; (they look at photos of deer with CWD); deer have a higher prevalence of CWD than elk or moose; there’s no evidence that any canine has CWD; CWD-positive deer and mountain lions; could wolves/predators be used to stop the spread of CWD; a wolf that eats a deer with CWD can pass CWD through its excrement; crows and CWD; solutions to slow the spread of CWD; how deer populations have changed since Doug and Bryan were kids; CWD in Michigan; antler point restrictions; MeatEater podcast episode about CWD; CWD could devastate the entire population of deer; keep deer populations low and manage carcasses properly to manage CWD; hunters need to put pressure on their elected representatives; (2:00:00) Missouri Supreme Court shoots down captive deer hunting operations; hunting tags; CWD in Alberta; more talk about what to do to reduce CWD; doing nothing is no longer an option; we’re learning about CWD and how to manage it; casual hunters don’t know about CWD, or care about it; there’s not enough digestible education about CWD, except podcasts; it’s important to protect deer for the future; there are over 650,000 people who hunt deer in Wisconsin, pumping over $1 billion into the economy; Bryan looks at deer differently now; CWD is changing the hunting experience; changes in the demographic structure of deer due to CWD; this is an emotional situation for Doug; forget about the ego behind shooting a big buck; education is important.

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