The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1088 with Bryan Callen

Episode Number: 1088
Episode Guest: Bryan Callen
Original Airdate: March 6, 2018
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Guest Bio: Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian, and together with Brendan Schaub he also hosts The Fighter and the Kid podcast.

Topics Discussed: Ears keep growing as you age; Joe trims his ear hair; Bryan talks about his dad; manual labor jobs; Bryan worked construction once; Joe met Sinbad recently; Sinbad on Kill Tony; celebrities who aren’t nice; humans are bipolar apes; Rachel Dolezal; face tattoos; talk about black people; freak athletes; The Sports Gene book; Africa is insanely diverse; ethnic groups who don’t play tennis; Joe met a professional racquetball player; curling; black athletes compared to white athletes; extreme winners; men compared to women; Elon Musk; How to Fix the Future book; The Internet is Not the Answer book; The Cult of the Amateur book; infinite monkey theorem; tech wealth; students interrupting Christina Hoff Sommers; only being exposed to one element of society; labeling people racists; Sapiens book; people are tribal; maybe the problem of certain groups is internal; the momentum of the past; social justice warriors aren’t reasonable; guns; incompetent police officers; being a cop is a stressful job; how many people have good interactions with the police; humans have a negativity bias; we react to things that scare us; flu and sickness; it’s wonderful to be healthy; Scarcity book; The Theory of Moral Sentiments book; The Wealth of Nations book; we don’t give a shit about each other enough; what if we eliminate homelessness; Bryan thinks it’s easy to game the system when you’re young and homeless; homeless people and mental illness; boys and ADHD; Joe compares his dog to young boys; one in five boys will be diagnosed with ADHD; more ADHD talk; Joe talks again about psych drugs and mass shooters; some people are depressed for good reason; kids need to do physical things to curtail their hyperactivity; (1:00:00) Bryan talks about being told he needs higher self-esteem; Bryan is never satisfied with himself; you need to feel the sting of failure; hearing criticisms about yourself; Jordan Peterson protesters break window during his talk; social justice warriors are children and don’t know what the fuck they’re doing; we’ve gotten too soft today; more ranting about social justice warriors; Seinfeld sued over Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee; racism; unconscious bias training; Oscars’ TV ratings drop again; Roman Polanski sexual abuse; Asia Argento and Roman Polanski; more Roman Polanski talk; what if someone abused your daughter; Hollywood; being chosen; acting is political; why Tim Allen’s TV show was cancelled; conservative celebrities; most people aren’t thinking about making the world a better place; changing your mind; how you feel in your 20s; having children and watching the UFC changed Bryan’s mind about the strength of women; despite our differences, we’re all human; requirements for the mind; failure to thrive; Joe rants again about pharmaceuticals; milk talk; Bryan explains factory farming; Joe talks again about how factory farming kills animals; the future and factory farming; scrub bulls; Bryan drinks wine daily; Perfect Day Foods; almond milk; yeast is a lifeform; probiotics are a lifeform; the left believes in climate change but not gender science; Heather Heying gives speech on differences between men and women, students leave class; Bryan and Joe rant about young people; what you would do if you were a woman for one day; James Gandolfini; True Romance movie; Killing Them Softly movie; The Sopranos TV show; Breaking Bad TV show; public shaming; more Roman Polanski talk; Al Franken sexual harassment allegations; workplace romances and the future; men and women working together; humor is dangerous; six in ten Americans don’t have $500 in savings(2:00:00) subordination of men; the golden age of the bachelor; what if prostitution was legalized; do men want sex or admiration; confessions of the Vatican’s favorite male escort; robot fuck dolls; Ex Machina movie; Black Mirror TV show; EATR robot that eats dead bodies; Boston Dynamics robots; Jamie loves celebrity gossip; Kim Kardashian doesn’t do anything; Joe doesn’t do anything luxurious; Joe wants to go on hunting adventures; New Zealand animals; bighorn sheep; animals and concussions; humans are weak compared to other animals; talk about hunting and camping; antlers are bone; antler velvet; hunting in Mexico; talk about leaving a resort in Mexico; John McAfee’s legal issues; “Meth Labs and Dead Dogs” John McAfee article; Russian spy poisoned; Icarus documentary; Grigory Rodchenkov; other countries don’t play by the rules; Lawrence Lessig; how democracy doesn’t work; talk about kings and Britain; Joe thinks Britain doesn’t want its people to succeed; wealth and inequality; the future of jobs and robots; burger flipping robot; automation of jobs is creeping up on us; what will people do when there are no jobs; the upcoming job-pocalypse; what will we do with our free time; Joe thinks California is overpopulated and he will have to move; the future is unpredictable; Putin’s invincible nuclear weapons; Joe is worried about pandemics or natural disasters; Dr. Pimple Popper; Yellowstone volcano eruption; realizing you’re going to die; existence and reality; there’s an order to the chaos of life; mob mentality; The Strange Order of Things book; Bryan talks about bacteria and insects and how they act like humans; maybe bacteria is dictating how we behave; probiotics; (3:00:00) Total Gut Health; GT’s kombucha; probiotics and cancer patients; more talk about vitamins and food; Gracie diet; people should just eat healthy; elk meat vs. regular meat; axis deer hunting in Hawaii; Bryan wants to go hunting with Joe in Mexico; wild pig hunting in Texas; more pig/boar talk; feral pigs; Jon Jones talk; paulytoon animated JRE videos; “a bad breath moment” paulytoon animated JRE video.

Books Mentioned

These are the books that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance
David Epstein - Publisher: Portfolio - Paperback: 368 pages
$18.00 - $9.36 $8.64
How to Fix the Future
Andrew Keen - Publisher: Atlantic Monthly Press - Hardcover: 288 pages
$26.00 - $14.61 $11.39
The Internet Is Not the Answer
Andrew Keen - Publisher: Grove Press - Edition no. 0 (01/12/2016) - Paperback: 288 pages
$16.00 - $0.80 $15.20
The Cult of the Amateur: How blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and the rest of today's user-generated media are destroying our economy, our culture, and our values
Andrew Keen - Publisher: Doubleday - Edition no. 0 (08/12/2008) - Paperback: 236 pages
$14.99 - $0.47 $14.52
Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
Yuval Noah Harari - Harper - Kindle Edition - Edition no. 0 (02/10/2015)
Scarcity: The New Science of Having Less and How It Defines Our Lives
Sendhil Mullainathan, Eldar Shafir - Publisher: Picador - Edition no. 0 (11/04/2014) - Paperback: 304 pages
$18.00 - $2.26 $15.74
The Theory of Moral Sentiments (Penguin Classics)
Adam Smith - Publisher: Penguin Classics - Edition no. 0 (01/26/2010) - Paperback: 494 pages
$19.00 - $3.80 $15.20
The Wealth of Nations (Bantam Classics)
Adam Smith - Publisher: Bantam Classics - Edition no. 0 (03/04/2003) - Mass Market Paperback: 1264 pages
$9.99 - $2.00 $7.99
The Strange Order of Things: Life, Feeling, and the Making of Cultures
Antonio Damasio - Publisher: Pantheon - Hardcover: 336 pages
$28.95 - $10.63 $18.32

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Movies Mentioned

These are the movies that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

True Romance Director's Cut
Warner Bros. (10/10/2017) - Prime Video, R (Restricted) - Running time: 120 minutes - Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette, Dennis Hopper, Val Kilmer, Gary Oldman
Available on Amazon Video
Killing Them Softly
The Weinstein Company (01/28/2013) - Prime Video, R (Restricted) - Running time: 97 minutes - Brad Pitt, Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn, Ray Liotta, Richard Jenkins
Available on Amazon Video
Ex Machina
A24 Films, LLC (04/10/2015) - Prime Video, R (Restricted) - Running time: 108 minutes - Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, Sonoya Mizuno
Available on Amazon Video

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TV Shows Mentioned

These are the TV shows that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

The Sopranos: The Complete Series (Blu-ray + Digital HD)
HBO Home Entertainment (11/04/2014) - Blu-ray, NR (Not Rated) - Running time: 4980 minutes - Various
Breaking Bad: The Complete Series
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (06/03/2014) - DVD, Unrated (Not Rated) - Running time: 2952 minutes - Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Betsy Brandt, Bob Odenkirk

Last update on 2019-10-19. The above items contain Amazon affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on them. Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

Products Mentioned

These are the products that were mentioned and/or recommended during this episode:

Last update on 2019-10-19. The above items contain Amazon affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on them. Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

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