The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1094 with Brian Redban

Episode Number: 1094
Episode Guest: Brian Redban
Original Airdate: March 20, 2018
Episode Sponsors: Blue Apron, Policygenius, ButcherBox

Guest Bio: Brian Redban is a stand-up comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network.

Topics Discussed: Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal; Facebook is good for political arguments; sponsored content; Snapchat lost $800 million after Rihanna criticized the app; Instagram testing chronological feed; Call Me Lucky documentary; Barry Crimmins testified against AOL for its policy on child pornography; $15,000 GrayKey can crack iPhone passcodes; Apple Pay; what will technology be like in 10 years; AirPodsPowerbeats3; Apple HomePod; Amazon Echo; Google Home; Amazon’s Alexa is randomly laughing; Stephen Hawking’s voice; Her movie; Radiolab “Breaking News” episode about audio/video manipulation; porn deepfakes; Joe is blown away by how fast technology is advancing; what if we had robot dicks; Xanax addiction; anxiety; audible sighs; oy vey; Italian words; Italian horns/cornicello; people are more aware today; Joe rants about circumcision again; churches and tax exempt status; should corporations pay taxes; corporate political donations; insider trading; Paul Ryan insider trading story; politicians and bribery; Inside Job documentary; Toys R Us bankruptcy; there are no toy stores anymore; The Toys That Made Us Netflix documentary; dolls for girls; Barbie through the ages; more talk about Barbie dolls; guys don’t complain about positive body image; no one fat shames men; Sober Octobert talk; Rosie Ruiz Boston Marathon cheater; talk about speeds for completing a marathon; Joe rants again about how bad shoes are for us; (1:00:00) Vivobarefoot trail running shoes; Vibram trail runner shoes; Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoes; more talk about feet, shoes, and insoles; shoes and weightlifting; athlete’s foot; Defense soap; probiotics; diet sodas tied to dementia and strokes; Loch Ness monster-like creature washes up on Georgia shore; mutant all-female crayfish spreading rapidly; only 5% of the ocean has been exploredbathyscaphe TriesteJames Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge documentary; astronaut’s DNA did not change in space; Joe rants about clickbait; Brian talks about watching people die from rabies on YouTube; rabies; why don’t we let people die; vaccinations and flu shots; more rabies talk; toxoplasmosis; Robert Sapolsky; parasites brainwash grasshoppers into suicide; carnivorous jungle plant eats rats; tree kills birds for funPlanet Earth and Planet Earth II documentaries; zombie fungus takes over ants’ bodies and controls their minds; Prometheus movie; Alien movie; cordyceps mushrooms; Icarus documentary; Russian nerve agent poisoning in England; Joe is enjoying Trump being in office for the craziness; man found guilty of hate crime for teaching dog to give Nazi salute; Americans take their free speech for granted; shitposters/people trying to be funny; Joe talks about doing clean shows in the past; Joe wouldn’t do a clean show today; constraints can be a tool for writing; Hannibal Buress stand-up set interrupted after sex abuse joke; doing stand-up at colleges and universities; kids are sensitive and don’t have life experience; Joe rants about universities today where kids are babied; ideas can be corrupted; control battles in life; Steven Crowder crashes SXSW LGBTQ meeting video; Joe thinks YouTube is trying to silence conservative ideology and spread liberal ideology; comments on YouTube videos; YouTube suggesting conspiracy videos to kids; YouTube statistics; Joe keeps ranting about YouTube censoring things and discriminating against conservatives; Joe and Jamie debate YouTube demonetizing videos; Vimeo vs. YouTube; Disney research project turns scripts into virtual reality previews(2:00:00) Annihilation movie; Tobii eyeX; HTC Vive Pro; Ready Player One book and movie talk; immersive virtual reality is inevitable; human evolution; eye stress from today’s technology; WriteRoom software; blue light; high tech eye drops can improve vision; Mel Gibson’s dad and stem cells; what will health tech be like in 20-30 years; are memories stored in both head and body; neurons in heart and stomach; gut bacteria; more talk about neurons in the heart; heart transplants and gaining someone else’s memories; does the human body replace cells every seven years; what are memories; Joe watches old videos of himself and it doesn’t feel like him; modern poses for photographs; Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle movie; (they look at old photographs to see how people pose); old school boxing vs. modern boxing; Steve Willis is the most hilarious boxing referee video; Floyd Mayweather, Jr. applies for MMA license; Joe thinks there’s a 40% chance Mayweather fights in the UFC; Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. in the UFC talk; Mayweather to begin training with Tyron Woodley; Joe talks about what CM Punk and Mayweather should do to train for an MMA fight against each other; Joe thinks Mayweather would get killed by McGregor in an MMA fight and that it wouldn’t happen; Mayweather spends a lot of money; more Mayweather talk; Joe talks about Owen Benjamin‘s size; deer get bigger in colder climates; they talk about their shoe sizes increasing; Brian talks about exercising and trying to lose weight; more cryotherapy talk; Joey Diaz likes the cold; air conditioners; there’s homeless people at Brian’s gym; where do homeless people sleep; talk about the most elusive man in North America; Joe talks about getting older and his body taking longer to heal; Tony Hinchcliffe’s weight; Jeremiah Watkins before and after picture; fast food talk; Joe loves Five Guys; debate about the best fast food burger; Fuddruckers’ ostrich burgers; podcast logo mosaic.

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