The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1113 with Brian Redban

Episode Number: 1113
Episode Guest: Brian Redban
Original Airdate: May 8, 2018
Episode Sponsors: Cash App, Dollar Shave Club, MVMT Watches

Guest Bio: Brian Redban is a stand-up comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network.

Topics Discussed: Hawaii earthquakes and lava; Michael Hastings death; Adderall talk; students taking Adderall to help with studying; ketogenic diet talk; garlic salt has sugar in it; nurse accused of using dirty needles, exposing patients to hepatitis C; Dead Doctors Don’t Lie book; doctors taking drugs; coca leaves; Kool-Aid; deaths from Adderall; CBD oil classified as schedule 1 drug; Live PD TV show; Willie Nelson; Kanye West talk; Sam Kinison talk; head trauma from car accidents; Aaron Hernandez’s CTE was the worst ever found for someone his age; trauma-induced Parkinson’s disease; Joe’s head trauma from martial arts; Joe keeps talking about doing martial arts in the past; Kaoklai Kaennorsing vs. Mighty Mo video; more talk about fighting; Frank Mir vs. Fedor; talk about MMA judging/scoring and its problems; clothes for MMA; nipples aren’t allowed to be shown on Twitch; bodypaint and make-up; Brian talks about a girl on Twitch who was masturbating; robocalls and scams; old guys scammed by women; love; (1:00:00) Facebook dating service won’t have ads; Tinder, Grinder, and raising rates of STDs; what sex workers think of losing Backpage; Joe talks again about prostitution vs. getting a massage; asshole massages; massage parlors; psychics; Joe talks about going to a psychic; the power of the placebo effect; Power Balance admits bands are worthless; talk about whether CBD oil works; TheraBand; repetitive stress injuries from work; testicle transplants aren’t possible; paternity tests; Kylie Jenner’s bodyguard is the father of her baby rumors; Huey Lewis’ hearing loss; hearing issues; ear protection; Walker’s Game Ear; deer head explosion video; Brian doesn’t trust Uber or delivery service apps; Uber drivers harassing female passengers; New York drivers; Amish people/Mennonites; Ari Shaffir was raised Jewish but abandoned religion as an adult; more Ari talk; why do people hold onto irrational beliefs; Vatican: Pope did not say there is no hell; Pope thrones; more Pope/religion/church talk; black Hebrew Israelites; renaissance fairs; pirate-themed bars; asking Siri to define “mother” will make her say “motherfucker”; Siri is terrible compared to Google Assistant and Amazon Echo; buying things with your phone; Huawei phones banned; Huawei under investigation for violating Iran sanctions; Huawei Porsche Mate10; computer processors; Jamie talks about his new computer; Razer laptop(2:00:00) Apple laptops suck now; Joe talks again about setting up a LAN party; video games are intellectually challenging; Jamie explains Fortnite to Joe; more talk about video games; (Joe watches videos of people playing Quake); virtual reality video games; Doom VFR; God of War 4; virtual reality technology and the future; roller coasters/rides that utilize 3D glasses and screens; HTC Vive; virtual reality porn; VR chatting; people being mean online; phone cases; Joe talks about breaking his phone in Hawaii and going without one for three days; Elon Musk; Tesla recall; Ford dropping all but two cars in North America; Google Assistant can make phone calls; Her movie; more ranting about Apple; Chris D’Elia’s Twitter feud with Logan Paul; what’s the next social media app; Black Mirror Netflix show; recording our dreams; people not socializing when out with others because of cell phones/tablets; is talking less with people having a negative effect on us; Faces of Death movies; the brutal early days of the UFC; we have a stronger appetite for stimulation today; more talk about Hawaii and the lava; earthquake talk; earthquake during MLB baseball game; comedy club talk; RubMaps; it’s hard to tell people what they can’t do; it’s going to be weird when robots are fuckable; RealDoll sex robots(3:00:00) Fleshlight talk; Joe is confused about the future; are we in a simulation right now; reality is strange; life would be interesting if it wasn’t real; Theranos founder charged with massive fraud; how does it feel to lose money in an investment scam; exit scammers run off with $660 million; Brian details his postal scam; more talk about the future and technology.

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