The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 644 with Brad Williams (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 644
Episode Guest: Brad Williams
Original Airdate: May 6, 2015
Episode Sponsors: 1-800-FLOWERS, LegalZoom, NatureBox, Onnit

Guest Bio: Brad Williams is an actor and stand-up comedian. Brad has a new special airing May 8, 2015 on Showtime called Brad Williams: Fun Size and he also hosts his own podcast called About Last Night available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao fight; hockey; Fox’s NHL glowing puck; football computer graphics; XFL; violent football players; Richard Sherman’s rant; Mickey Rourke’s Spirit Award speech; Mickey Rourke old gypsy woman picture; Uma Thurman plastic surgery; makeup; Jason Alexander’s toupee; hair plugs; hot, natural women; Herschel Walker; dwarfism; Verne Troyer; Peter Dinklage; Brad doing stand-up; Carlos Mencia; being a fan, then a friend; Paul McCartney; podcast vs. a radio show; life after death; dreams and DMT; ZMA; zinc and testosterone production; weed stories; massages releasing toxins; Steve Maxwell criticisms of cross fit; kidney failure; Seattle; the LA scene; Avengers actors slut shaming Black Widow character; Avengers director quits social media; saying “midget”; language police; Ban Bossy; discrimination in sports; 50 year-old trans woman college basketball player; limb lengthening surgery; dwarf-related surgery; limb lengthening surgery; body issues; Synthol; body dysmorphia; genetic engineering; growing up small; people treating Brad like Santa’s elf at the mall; “sizist”; people complaining; Barry Crimmins; Barry Crimmins Call Me Lucky documentary; are comedians miserable; Scott Weiland video; born to do something; finding what you’re good at; starting comedy; Seinfeld’s Comedian documentary; I Am Comic documentary; Carlos Mencia stealing material; artistic integrity; Bruce Jenner killed someone; people fixating on the news; Nightcrawler movie; news as entertainment; news reporter calls Lady Gaga “jigaboo music”; Uber and taxis; Deadmau5 drives an Uber; Hilary Duff is on Tinder; Going Clear documentary; Scientology; Mormons; Mitt Romney’s family; The Mexican Mormon War Vice documentary; Socialism; figuring out what you want to do; running out of dwarf jokes; not using dwarf as a joke; driving as a dwarf; driving with no arms; hecklers.

My Thoughts: Brad seems like a decent guy. Covers same old topics. Not enough talk about life as a dwarf.

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