The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1038 with Billy Corgan

Episode Number: 1038
Episode Guest: Billy Corgan
Original Airdate: November 10, 2017
Episode Sponsors: ZipRecruiter

Guest Bio: Billy Corgan is a musician, songwriter, producer, poet, and entrepreneur. His new album Ogilala, produced by Rick Rubin, is available now.

Topics Discussed: He bought the NWA and was fired from TNA; how he went from Smashing Pumpkins to getting into wrestling; roller derby; NWA is older than the WWE; talk about wrestling in the past; Ric Flair; playing a character; picture of Billy at Disneyland; his dad was a drug dealing musician who has been stabbed and shot at; talk about his father and what he thinks of his career; cool people come from fucked up childhoods; more stories about his dad and Chicago; talk about crime in Chicago; Chicago pizza; Smashing Pumpkins becoming popular; Nirvana; Soaked in Bleach documentary; he talks about playing with Nirvana in 1992 and the show wasn’t sold out; working with Rick Rubin; talk about writing music and the challenges that come with it; not understanding why his music was failing in terms of popularity; Joe compares writing/performing music to comedy; challenges of finding time to create new music; using bad things that happened in his life as fuel to create new music; the ego of the artist; maturing as an artist; the music business is set up to take advantage of weakness; he signed a seven-album, 14-year contract when he was 23; how record companies work today; how streaming services work and pay the record labels more than the artists; Chance the Rapper; the record company has a clause that says its contract applies to the entire universe and universes not yet discovered; he was in favor of Napster despite it costing him $30-40 million; consumer loyalty to artists; Billy predicted the future of streaming music; growing a valuable brand is important; Guns ‘n’ Roses and Axl Rose talk; protecting the Smashing Pumpkins brand; musical comeback stories; (1:00:00) he was terrified of being a one hit wonder; he saw a one hit wonder band play their hit song twice during one show; becoming a character; he played the Hollywood Forever Cemetery; playing smaller shows compared to large venues; playing acoustic; wanting the audience to enjoy the show; responsibility to a generation’s memories; Nickelback; how pop music is like porn; Andrew Dice Clay talk; finding people to be friends with as a rock superstar; how his family changed after his success; he paid cash for a Ferrari; where to go once you’re at the top; the personal relationships of the whole band went crazy; what fucked up Smashing Pumpkins; how songwriters are paid; jealousy within the band; the band eroded from within; he didn’t talk to other band members for 16 and 17 years; he was surrounded by people in the ’90s who were giving him wrong information; he says less than 10% of people signed to a record label are successful; the system is set up to make you feel unsuccessful even when you are; Courtney Love’s letter on the music industry; mistakes the music industry/record labels made; music is a product to the labels; Conor McGregor talk; Billy wants to know about the Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones saga; Joe’s theory about Jon Jones’s tainted cocaine; we need a real lie detector test; performance enhancing drugs in combat sports; Vitor Belfort before and after steroidsAnderson Silva fails another drug test; Bellator’s Conor McGregor fiasco; balancing his time between his projects; more Daniel Cormier/Jon Jones talk; Billy talks about how strong Dennis Rodman is; Dennis Rodman and Billy are friends and he tells a story about him; Billy says Dennis thinks that going to North Korea will help the world out somehow; Dennis would workout after playing an NBA basketball game; Billy tells a Dennis Rodman story about flying to Vegas and partying during the NBA finals; Phil Jackson was mad at Billy; celebrity friendships; feeling underappreciated; people don’t like when celebrities are regular guys; he saw someone shapeshift and won’t talk about it on the podcast because it will be in his book; he’s been on InfoWars; he is passionate about free speech; what’s next for him.

Movies Mentioned

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Soaked In Bleach
Daniel Roebuck, Sarah Scott, Tyler Bryan (Actors); Benjamin Statler (Director); English (Publication Language)

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