The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 967 with Bill Burr

Episode Number: 967
Episode Guest: Bill Burr
Original Airdate: May 30, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Winc, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Bill Burr is a stand-up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called The Monday Morning Podcast. Season two of his show F is for Family is available now on Netflix.

Topics Discussed: Dressing up for TV appearances; Joe gets made fun of for his socks; shorts are shorter today; picture of Joe’s socks; Joe rants again about modern art; Kim Jong Un; Basquiat painting sold for $100 million; 1998 video of Elon Musk’s expensive car; Elon Musk’s underground tunnel system; Tesla cars; Charles Bronson Japanese commerical; Hard Times movie; actors who fought in wars; Audie Murphy; German guns and tanks; Schwerer Gustav; how is war still legal; laws; it’s crazy that MMA is legal; hockey fights; Tie Domi; cars with different names in different countries; F is for Family talk; Netflix’s algorithms; Netflix thumbs up/down rating system; popularity and celebrity; Amazon Alexa; NSA logging/monitoring what we do; Seth Rich death conspiracy theory; federal prosecutor found dead on beach; Joe is smoking a pipe now; more talk about F is for Family; doing table reads; Katherine Heigl Emmys controversy; celebrity paranoia; actors can’t be douches anymore; the movie industry today; Will Smith’s movie trailer; getting into shape for a movie; Bert Kreischer talk; Goddamn Comedy Jam talk; Tom Segura talk; funniest comedy couples; Joe is addicted to Million Dollar Listing New York(1:00:00) they talk more about the Million Dollar Listing shows; Bill talks about his drinking; Joe’s been drinking wine lately; Bill thinks not drinking will make him better looking; more drinking talk; smoke-infused ice cubes; Stryper band; Joe and Bill voted for Gary Johnson; talk about Trump’s Russia connections; Alec Baldwin talk; Saturday Night Live; Netflix; drones; you can shoot down drones in Colorado; flying a drone over someone’s house; California airports; TVs in taxi cabs and gas pumps; Bill’s ads on his podcast; MeUndies; underwear talk; Bill wants pig meat from Joe; Joe talks about cooking meat and using a Yeti cooler; Salem witch trials; ergot; Native Americans and special laws for them; Bill is doing stand-up for cops; police helicopters; North Hollywood shootout; Trump blocked comedy writer on Twitter; more Trump talk; Tim Donaghy says 100% of NBA refs gamble; talk about NBA games possibly being fixed; Tim Donaghy talk; NBA player salaries; NBA referee salaries; Joe turns the discussion back to Trump; Tiger Woods DUI arrest; John Daly; more Tiger Woods talk; sports journalists; Bill thinks world leaders should fight MMA.

My Thoughts: Bill Burr is always must-listen.

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