The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 592 with Bert Kreischer (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 592
Episode Guest: Bert Kreischer
Original Airdate: December 23, 2014
Episode Sponsors:, Higher Primate, Onnit

Guest Bio: Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comedian, actor and reality television host of Trip Flip on the Travel Channel. Check out his new book Life of the Party on Amazon and his podcast The Bertcast on Stitcher and iTunes.

Topics Discussed: 5-HTP; Malaria medicine; Malaria deaths; sickness; flu; Ebola; driving to Las Vegas; fixing cars and bikes; losing body parts; teeth; Mall of America protests; highway protests; mob mentality; Charles Barkley sweating on TV; Leslie Smith ear explosion; cauliflower ear; wrestling; wrestling training; logging; bird perches; birds; owls; beauty of nature; ideas of beauty; trips; teaching kids; learning comedy; personality; Joe’s approach to comedy; Joe’s daughters; Bert’s daughters; fight companion podcasts; gay gyms; charity; being asked for time and money; Ian Edwards; Bert’s drinking; Bert’s man cave; Joe’s podcast table; old wood; first podcast table; Joe’s farm; hunting; bit torrent; Rosa Parks; Sturgill Simpson; Honey Honey; Serial podcast; Duncan Trussell; Tait Fletcher; Tait hotel choking story; time management; Bill Burr; Bert’s latest tour; new logging machines; fishing; butterflies; breathing through dicks; Bert’s travels; Trip Flip; Bert’s competitiveness; rope swings; shooting a shotgun; bow hunting; pigeons; Steve Rinella; wild parrots; the word “retard”; words you can’t say; music talk; The Eagles; Don Henley and drugs; tuna fishing; sentimental podcast talk.

My Thoughts: I like Bert in small doses, which means I don’t listen to his podcast, though I do enjoy when he comes on to talk with Joe. They get into the alcohol (of course) and things get a little goofy.

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