The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 786 with Wheeler Walker, Jr. (AKA Ben Hoffman)

Episode Number: 786
Episode Guest: Wheeler Walker, Jr. (AKA Ben Hoffman)
Original Airdate: April 18, 2016
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Guest Bio: Wheeler Walker, Jr. is an American country music singer-songwriter. His album Redneck Shit is out now on iTunes and he also can be seen on tour this summer.

Topics Discussed: How Joe learned about him; Wheeler is too risque for Coachella; (Joe goes through the Redneck Shit album’s track listing); what led to the recording of the album; the current state of Nashville, country music, and radio; Steve Earle on Chris Shiflett’s podcast; modern country is rap for people scared of black people; country music similarities video; more talk about his album; “Eatin’ Pussy, Kickin’ Ass Song” from The Ben Show; more album talk; his album debuted at nine on the Billboard country charts; people send Wheeler pictures of dicks on social media; his rising popularity; his upcoming tour; creating the album; Wheeler’s feud with Sturgill Simpson; Wheeler’s conspiracy theory that Sturgill is a CIA assassin; assassination of Boris NemtsovJason Isbell; music producers want to sell music; modern country music has to be a certain number of BPM; people are sick of the radio; Wheeler made an album that no one would hear; David Allan Coe; Shel Silverstein wrote “A Boy Named Sue” for Johnny Cash; The Jerky Boys; word of mouth; Wheeler’s album sold more copies than Wynonna Judd‘s new album; his Twitter fight with Wynonna Judd; skinny women in Los Angeles; streaming his songs on Pornhub; Pornhub gets hundreds of millions of hits; people want bland music; “Fuck You Bitch” song; Florida Georgia Line blocked him on Twitter; making fun of pop country; diamond-encrusted dog tags; talk about Florida Georgia Line and Sam Hunt; “Confession” song by Florida Georgia Line; country music reinforces a mindset; southern people aren’t all dumb; modern country is pop music with an accent/safe hip hop; Satan is Real album by The Louvin Brothers; not censoring himself; CBS is unloading its radio properties; radio compared to podcasts; censored versions of songs for radio play; Louis CK’s show Horace and Pete; use your own money for doing things; meeting with record labels; real music compared to manufactured music; Auto-Tune; living off nothing but Hostess Cupcakes; Super Size Me documentary; fast food isn’t for daily use; fast food that’s trying to be healthy; podcast sponsors; 80% of album sales are online; having to order music in the past; Wheeler’s album is banned from Walmart; some people want real shit; doing radio shows to promote his album; radio shows vs. podcasts; satellite radio; people who think things are funnier when they’re censored; Richard Pryor; Howard Stern is a pioneer; Howard Stern’s fines by the FCC; more talk of Howard Stern’s problems with radio; Bernie Sanders released his tax returnsHillary Clinton won’t release her Wall Street speech transcripts; more Sturgill assassin talk; Confessions of a Dangerous Mind movie; Larry Flynt’s free speech fight with the Supreme Court; Hustler magazine’s fight with Jerry Falwell; more Larry Flyntt/Jerry Falwell talk; “The Porn King and the Preacher” article; the ripple effect of Larry Flynt’s free speech fight; hairs that grow on your penis shaft; hairy people; growing hair in weird spots; Iggy Pop shaved off his eyebrows and got glitter in his eyes; Iggy Pop’s new album Post Pop Depression; Queens of the Stone Age; Iggy Pop’s body and his age; manufactured bands; Milli Vanilli and lip-synching; Ashlee Simpson lip-synching on Saturday Night Live; Jessica Simpson; touring; Wheeler used to work with horses; “The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved” article; Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas book; Hunter S. Thompson; Johnny Depp; Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas movie; Hunter S. Thompson’s predictions after 9/11; Hunter S. Thompson at end of life shooting guns with Conan O’Brien; hip replacements; Paul George breaks his leg playing basketball; medical technology today; knee injuries; movies show violence but not sex; The Brown Bunny movie; making The Ben Show “Eatin’ Pussy, Kickin’ Ass” video; (they watch the video); (they listen to the album version “Eatin’ Pussy, Kickin’ Ass”; (they listen to “Sit on My Face”); no one uses or buys CDs anymore; Wheeler’s “Fat Fuck Size” T-shirts; almost quitting the music industry; making another album; making a music video; European gay guys; The Brothers Grimsby movie; Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G. at the Oscars; Sacha Baron Cohen accepting the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award; it’s a good time for crazy shit; saying you “don’t give a fuck” is a good thing; doing things for fun; getting blocked on Twitter; promoted ads on Twitter; never knowing what people like; Wheeler’s iTunes ratings; bad feedback/controversy is good; not censoring himself like Florida Georgia Line does; Saving Country Music review of Wheeler’s album; the shirt he wore on his album cover; Nudie Cohn shirts; Nudie Cohn’s Elvis car; people are just starting to hear about him; doing podcasts; Coachella thought he was too risque; Wheeler wanted to piss off everyone when he made the album; getting attention from the mainstream; doing things the way you want to; being approached by music executives and music stars; artists don’t want Wheeler to talk shit about them; no one cares about the mainstream; playing late night shows; late night shows mean nothing; power that late night hosts had; Jay Leno’s Garage YouTube show; Kiss couldn’t get played on the radio; Joe met Ace Frehley as a kid through his uncle who worked for an advertising agency; Kiss members’ solo albums; Christine Sixteen song; disco; Bee Gees; it’s important to listen to all types of music; Waylon Jennings; Dwight Yoakam; country music changes fast; Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash/Florida Georgia Line “pissed there once” meme; Shooter Jennings; Billy Joe Shaver; outlaw country; the current state of music in Nashville; inauthentic people; Sturgill Simpson’s Sailor’s Guide to Earth album; HoneyHoney; doing podcasts; Redneck Shit was the first album with a swear word in the title to make it on country charts; people think he looks like Zach Galifianakis.

My Thoughts: Ben stays in character as Wheeler Walker, Jr. throughout the whole episode, and Joe talks to Ben as Wheeler Walker, Jr. Lots of talk about music/the music business, the country music genre, and free speech.

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