The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 898 with Bas Rutten and Mauro Ranallo

Episode Number: 898
Episode Guest: Bas Rutten and Mauro Ranallo
Original Airdate: January 11, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Onnit, NatureBox, History’s SIXCaveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Bas Rutten and Mauro Ranallo are the former announcing team for Pride FC and can now be heard together on their podcast Rutten and Ranallo available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Pride FC; Rizin FF and Japanese MMA; fixed fights; CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall; Muay Thai fighters; Prison Fighters: 5 Rounds to Freedom TV show; Kron Gracie and other Gracie fighters; Scott Smith; Elite XC talk; Kimbo Slice; UFC featherweight division talk; WEC talk; Cody Garbrandt talk; Dominick Cruz vs. Cody Garbrandt; taking a loss well; interviewing fighters after a knockout; fights where there are two finishes; fighters in Pride FC who were in their prime; Fedor’s past fights; RINGS; MMA fighter entrances; pageantry of Pride FC; watching fights when you know the result; Meryl Streep trashing mixed martial arts at the Golden Globes; MMA is an art; Ricardo Arona; Shinya Aoki; fighting off the back; Yves Edwards; Mauro talks about taking three Percocets after a Pride FC event; Enson Inoue talk; backstage fights at Pride FC; more talk/stories about the Gracies; Bas talks about buying weed; the Yakuza and Pride FC; Masato talk; Russian MMA fighters; (1:00:00) MMA would be better on a larger surface and without a cage; Bernard Hopkins knocked out of ring; other MMA/kickboxing fights with fighters knocked out of ring; grabbing the balls in MMA; 12-6 elbows; soccer kicks and stomps; steel cups; grabbing a fighter’s head and pushing it into his own knee; evolution of MMA techniques; karate fighters in MMA; Stephen Thompson vs. Tyron Woodley; guillotines; MMA is evolving; BJ Penn talk; strength and conditioning; cardio; MMA fighter with the best conditioning; Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz rematch; Nate Diaz talk; marijuana testing and MMA; Bas’ dog ate a weed edible; Bas’ arm troubles; nerve damage; more talk about Bas’ arm; Bas fell off a roof; Pride FC paid everyone in cash; Bas used a needle to suck the blood out of his swollen eyes after a fight; Bas stitched himself up with sewing needles; Bas talks about glass in his leg from broken beer bottles; Bas explains how to give yourself stitches; gluing a cut shut; a guy put a pool ball in his mouth and couldn’t get it out and his teeth had to be broken; Inside MMA cancelled; Mauro commentates for many different sports; boxing talk; why Fedor never fought in the UFC; Glory kickboxing talk; why isn’t kickboxing more popular; women fighting in MMA; attractive people fighting; is the UFC roster too big; the UFC should have an amateur division; Mickey Gall; Jon Jones talk; oblique kicks; knees to the head of a grounded opponent; elbows; (2:00:00) headbutts; soccer kicks to the head; Roger Huerta; Sports Illustrated magazine cover curse; weight cutting and hydration levels; Cris “Cyborg” Justino talk; Joe thinks there should be more weight classes; UFC’s early weigh-ins; there should be harsher punishment for fighters who miss weight; Kelvin Gastelum talk; Johny Hendricks talk; Conor McGregor talk; Jose Aldo should have leg kicked McGregor; Jose Aldo vs. Max Holloway; Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Conor McGregor; talk about Ronda Rousey’s future; Amanda Nunes; Holly Holm; fighters who attract greatness; Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman fights; Yoel Romero’s knockout of Chris Weidman; Yoel Romero talk; Jacare Souza vs. Yoel Romero; Yoel Romero’s drug test failure; over-the-counter supplements; caffeine is legal in MMA competition up to a certain amount; testosterone and TRT talk; Russians and Olympic doping; will MMA ever be clean; drug testing (or lack thereof) in Pride FC; Bas replaced a Pride FC urine sample with green tea and drank it; Japanese MMA encourages doping; everyone was doping in the early days of MMA; Cris Cyborg’s positive drug test; big clits; Rizin FF’s potential; there’s no Japanese MMA star; Alistair Overeem; fighters and concussions; Bellator talk; good fighters outside of the UFC; MMA fans are spoiled by too many events; Cyborg Santos’ crushed skull led to retirement; Nogueira brothers; brain damage/CTE; Don Frye; Gary Goodridge; Cub Swanson vs. Doo-ho Choi; Max Holloway; interim titles; Conor McGregor’s weight; Khabib Nurmagomedov talk; Cain Velasquez; Francis Ngannou; Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Mirko Crocop; Crocop retiring; Crocop vs. Wanderlei Silva staredown; Mauro is terrified of Crocop; Bas tells a story about getting Mauro to interview Crocop; (3:00:00) more Crocop talk; Wanderlei Silva vs. Mark Hunt; Wanderlei vs. Rampage Jackson; Wanderlei’s future; Alistair Overeem avoided drug testing; more Wanderlei talk; what will help Rizin FF become like Pride FC.

My Thoughts: Fun podcast. Entirely devoted to MMA and fighting. Lots of good stories about the old days.

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The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 845 with TJ Dillashaw, Duane Ludwig, and Bas Rutten

Episode Number: 845
Episode Guest: TJ Dillashaw, Duane Ludwig, and Bas Rutten
Original Airdate: September 12, 2016
Episode Sponsors:, MVMT Watches, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: TJ Dillashaw is a mixed martial arts fighter and former bantamweight champion currently fighting in the UFC. Duane Ludwig is a former mixed martial arts fighter and is now a coach. Bas Rutten is a retired MMA fighter and former UFC heavyweight champion. He currently is the co-host of Inside MMA and hosts a podcast with Mauro Ranallo called Rutten and Ranallo available on iTunes.

Topics Discussed: Duane and the color orange; training with Duane; running and Jeremy Stephens; Cameron Hanes running a 200 mile marathon; Adam Greentree hiking elk meat for four days; Chad Mendes hunting; Chad Mendes says he tested positive for over-the-counter supplements; photo of Travis Browne’s finger in Fabricio Werdum’s eye; Werdum’s flying kick; Jimmy Rivera poked in the eye by Urijah Faber; eyepokes; Michael Bisping’s eye; Bisping vs. Luke Rockhold; thinking during a fight; TJ vs. Dominick Cruz; watching a fight after it’s over; evolving and trusting your coach; MMA is an intellectual pursuit; Dominick Cruz’s style; shit talking; TJ vs. Raphael Assuncao; new MMA rules; eyepokes and gloves; training in Colorado at elevation; MMA is the hardest sport to train for; Demian Maia; guys who are strong at one technique; Matt Brown vs. Demian Maia; Jake Shields; Jon Fitch; Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson; Joe wants to see Demian Maia vs. Stephen Thompson; Nate Marquardt; Shane Carwin’s return to MMA; how TJ ensures he doesn’t overtrain; working with a nutritionist; talk about fats and diet; TJ’s training; his weight cut; TJ could cut down to 125 lbs.; Demetrious Johnson; Johnson vs. Henry Cejudo; Cejudo vs. Joseph Benavidez; Duane transitioning from fighter to coach; Duane’s hyperactivity; Duane talks about letting his kids fight; (Bas Rutten joins the podcast); Duane talks about his dogs fighting; Joe’s dog killed his other dog; female dogs; women gossiping with each other; talk about differences between men and women; women taking on traits and characteristics of men; are fears programmed in our DNA; MMA coach Mark Henry; fighters trying to remember combinations; the evolution of MMA and how the sport has changed; Mexicans have crazy cardio; Bas transitioning from fighter to coach; fighters need to trust their coaches; shouting instructions to a fighter in the cage; more talk about coaching; bad corner work; Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem; getting in someone’s head; doubting yourself; Bas’ psychological training; fighting is mental; Travis Browne talk; don’t fix what isn’t broken; fighters changing camps; working with the correct people; toughness of wrestlers; TJ’s wrestling for MMA training; wrestling with shoes; fighting without gloves; more talk about TJ training with Duane; Duane Ludwig vs. Jonathan Goulet fight; Chris Weidman vs. Luke Rockhold talk; Vitor Belfort; wheel kicks; clotheslines; hitting to the back of the head; Ernesto Hoost vs. Maurice Smith video; Mirko Crocop vs. Wanderlei Silva staredown video; Edson Barboza’s kicks; kickboxing talk; Badr Hari; kickboxing compared to MMA; Muay Thai compared to kickboxing; Jordan Mein; fighters starting too young; Donald Cerrone isn’t sparring anymore; Duane and TJ talk about working with Urijah Faber and the issues between them; Duane’s obsessiveness; developing a system; Bas talks about doing the Inside MMA show; Bas talks about his ideas to solve eyepokes; taking points away for eyepokes; kicking a guy in the balls; someone bit Bas’ ear during a fight; punching to the back of the head; Renzo Gracie vs. Ben Spijkers video; Murilo Bustamante; MMA referees; talk about the Travis Browne vs. Fabricio Werdum fight; Travis’ broken finger; TJ and Duane talk about Team Alpha Male coach Master Thong; Master Thong bet against Urijah Faber and has a gambling problem; gambling talk; Diego Sanchez talk; elevation of Mexico City and Cain Velasquez; acclimating to fighting at elevation; Bas talks about his O2 Trainer and his breathing issues.

My Thoughts: The majority of this podcast is talk about fighting and preparing for a fight. Bas joins them an hour into the conversation. Thankfully they don’t talk over one another so it’s not a clusterfuck like a fight companion podcast.

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