The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 878 with Aubrey Marcus

Episode Number: 878
Episode Guest: Aubrey Marcus
Original Airdate: November 29, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, MVMT Watches, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Aubrey Marcus is writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He also hosts his own podcast available for download via iTunes called The Aubrey Marcus Podcast. Check out his new documentary called Ayahuasca.

Topics Discussed: Roadrunner and rattlesnake video; charismatic megafauna; Joe talks about his kids feeding mice to an injured hawk and his chickens; bears and deer; bears hibernating and surviving the winter; flat earth talk; rods; orbs; is what you see while on psychedelics real; what is real; dragons; creatures that may have existed but we haven’t found yet; Komodo dragons; crocodile attacks vulture video; life is crazy; Chernobyl dome; The Radioactive Beasts of Chernobyl; Chernobyl catfish; radiation and superheroes; Street Fighter video game; tribalism and sports teams; presidential campaign memes; understanding who you are; religion and good and evil; people need structure; Jordan Peterson podcast talk; we’re aware of who we are; false killer whales; a porpoise stole a tuna from Joe while he was fishing; gut bacteria; who we are changes when we take a shit; talk about self; perspective; accessing your best self; religion and the fear of God; pastor charges for photos of himself in heaven; reflecting on your life; Dick Cheney’s heart; biotechnology; technology and consciousness; technology addiction; Aubrey talks about Burning Man; appreciating the natural world by separating yourself from technology; living in the moment; getting a portrait painted or marble bust made in the past; why statues were made with small penises; ancient Rome and homosexuality; humans will put a dick in anything; humans are “pleasure monkeys”; restrictions on sex; why is prostitution illegal; Dragnet Joe Friday lectures hippies video; have fun and enjoy life; The Book of Five Rings book; be a master of yourself; put yourself in challenging situations; kratom; MDMA and PTSD; we all carry trauma; drug legalization; Trump needs to do mushrooms or DMT; we have a better understanding of life compared to our ancestors; Indonesian woman gets 100 lashes for sex outside marriage; punishing people for sex; Stanford prison experiment; mob mentality; more The Book of Five Rings talk; first pocket watch; expensive handmade watches; expensive, ugly watches; MVMT watches; the UFC bought Joe a Rolex; Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Nicholas Walters boxing match; Cheick Kongo vs. Pat Barry UFC fight; Chris Leben vs. Wanderlei Silva UFC fight; Robert Whitaker vs. Derek Brunson UFC fight; MMA is the ultimate physical challenge; Badr Hari; Badr Hari vs. Stefan Leko fight; Lion Fight and Muay Thai in America; we’re living in the best time ever; longing for the past; knowing what your purpose is; Alaska: The Final Frontier TV show; staged television shows; Before They Pass Away book; monogamy and jealousy; Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson; surrounding yourself with positive people; don’t be set on your ideas; man buns; chess is a form of combat; skiing and skiing on mushrooms; snowboarding compared to skiing; deer running in front of cars; staying calm in moments of crisis; Aubrey talks about a guy who set his face on fire; Roger Huerta street fight video; Roger Huerta talk; Bellator MMA talk; Douglas Lima; Ben Aksren; big MMA personalities; Conor McGregor; Nicky Holzken; popularity of kickboxing/Muay Thai in America; there are too many choices on TV; Westworld TV show; becoming a cyborg; transferring consciousness into a robot; reading minds and feelings; more talk about drugs; change people through love, not violence and negativity; right now is the best time ever, so enjoy it; be nice to each other; if you can’t control something, relax; set goals and try to achieve them; Aubrey tells the story of his latest ayahuasca experience with his friends; one day drugs will be legal and psychedelic experiences will be common; learning from archetypes; ayahuasca churches in America.

My Thoughts: How long until Chris Aubrey Marcus mentions ayahuasca? The answer is about 12 minutes into the podcast. Lots of hippy-dippy talk from Aubrey. He says “pleasure monkey” way too much. Aubrey often steers conversations towards talk about drugs. Aubrey tells a 20+ minute story about what he saw while on ayahuasca. In my opinion, drug stories are like hearing about someone’s dream: it’s only interesting to the person who experienced it. Some talk about boxing, MMA, and kickboxing. You know if you want to listen to this or not.

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The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 809 with Aubrey Marcus

Episode Number: 809
Episode Guest: Aubrey Marcus
Original Airdate: June 14, 2016
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom,, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Aubrey Marcus is a writer, entrepreneur, and adventurer. He also hosts his own podcast available for download via iTunes called The Aubrey Marcus Podcast.

Topics Discussed: Aubrey talks about how he was in Canada, ate mushrooms, ran around the woods and saw visions of bears shackled in gold chains; imagination; Joe talks about grey aliens again; dragons; Zeus; talk about what happens inside your brain when you take psychedelics; experiences in the brain are just as real as what happens in real life; everyone sees the same God while under the influence of psychedelics; humans are good at adapting to new technology; Malibu beachfront real estate; the ocean is beautiful during the day but frightening at night; Kraken tentacle fossils; octopus intelligence; Aubrey talks about watching an octopus be hunted; vegans can eat mollusks; plants are more intelligent than mollusks; anthropomorphism of animals; The Rise of Black Wolf documentary; insect talk; dolphin talk; bee talk; consciousness is free will; vegans don’t eat bugs; Joe talks again about how harvesting grain kills animals; the intention of hunting is what’s important; Joe talks again about how bears kill cubs; bears live in the present moment; Joe talks about wolves and how they kill for fun; video of wolf killing sheep; humans are receiving too much data and it makes it hard to focus on our lives; we’re playing a role on social media; we need to recognize the negative aspects of fame; depression; Heimo’s Arctic Refuge Vice documentary; Joe talks again about how our built-in reward systems aren’t met by today’s society; we’re not doing what our bodies are designed to do; nature is medicine; suffering is created by our own minds; we need to have something to fight for; Conquest of Happiness book; Joe’s dogs got bit by snakes; people who are unhappy are aimless; this is the best time to send love to people; we are oddly attracted to negativity; Where to Invade Next documentary; our prisons compared to Norway’s; hate is infectious and positivity is contagious; virtue signaling; cultural appropriation; we need to experience other cultures; everyone should want to share their culture; psychedelics and ancient religions; you need to share what makes your life better; Joe wants to go back in time to experience ancient societies; technology is making us a new thing; America has never been better; Aubrey thinks we’re going through a societal detox; Chris Christie is against marijuana but is abusing his body with bad food; Orlando’s mass nightclub shooting won’t stop people from being gay; we underestimate the value of resistance; we need to seek out resistance; we need to realize we’re imperfect and forgive ourselves; the worst people are those who are delusional about their successes and failures; talk about comedians bombing and fighters losing; using bad experiences as motivation; an act isn’t good or bad, it’s how you respond to it; how Georges St-Pierre responded to the knockout by Matt Serra; it’s important to know you can fail; mastering the ego; Ego is the Enemy book; royalty; Joe talks about a five-year-old boy at Disneyland who was royalty and was bossing around grown adults; Aubrey talks about his step-brothers; realizing people can fuck you up; men who don’t know how to fight but subconsciously want to get beat up; Aubrey talks about dealing with an inconsiderate extreme sports athlete; extreme sports athletes like to push the envelope and annoy people; talk about skateboarders not giving a fuck; Steve-O fell off a billboard; Tim Kennedy chokes out Steve-O video; talk about Tim Kennedy; the camaraderie of going to war; tribal elements and rites of passages are missing from our society; Joe talks about Tim Kennedy winning his fight at a Fight for the Troops UFC event; old men running the country should have to go to war; the people at the top have too much power they have not earned; 2,000 years ago isn’t that long; the world is so different compared to 100 or 1,000 years ago; the world has likely experienced many cataclysmic catastrophes; we couldn’t build the Egyptian pyramids today; Joe wants to go back in time to see how the pyramids were built; Magical Egypt documentary series; why did the Egyptians want to build the pyramids; the library of Alexandria; psychedelics are a threat to ego and identity and people are afraid of that; talk about the age of the Sphinx; we don’t know what happened in the past; Magicians of the Gods book by Graham Hancock; meteor and asteroid impacts in the past; people thought that everything bad that happened to them was because of the wrath of God; Martin Luther translated the bible; priests had ultimate power and were celebrities in the past; religion and the control of power; negativity can bring out the best in people; more Martin Luther talk; fear alters behavior; fear is important; fearing love fucks up the mind; the more knowledge we have the less fear we have; we have the choice to overcome our fears; Grizzly Man documentary; talk about bowhunting bears; bowhunting connects us to our past; recurve bows and compound bows; Zen in the Art of Archery book; more archery talk; archers can be more accurate than someone with a rifle; archery removes outside distractions; getting back to nature is important; some people find nature to be lonely; we’re lords of our own universe.

My Thoughts: If you’re wondering how long it takes for Chris Aubrey to mention ayahuasca, the answer is just under 40 seconds into the podcast. I wish I was joking. That’s all you need to know about this episode.

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