The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 928 with Arian Foster

Episode Number: 928
Episode Guest: Arian Foster
Original Airdate: March 8, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Dirty Lemon, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Arian Foster is a former NFL running back. He played college football at Tennessee and was signed by the Houston Texans as an undrafted free agent in 2009.

Topics Discussed: Arian thinks he can kill a wolf with his hands; feedback about his tweet; talk about Twitter; online trolling; Snapchat glasses; talk about Arian fighting a wolf; animal bite strengths; sperm competition influences testicle size; chimp brain compared to its testicles; gorillas fighting; Arian thinks he could kill a 100 lb. wolf; talk about fighting; wolf walking in front of car video; Joe thinks he could kill a coyote or fox; Joe talks about a baby chimp slapping his back; how Arian would fight a wolf; Russian woman kills attacking wolf with axe; human Ken doll can’t breathe properly; Arian has had 14 surgeries from football; he played with a broken collarbone; football and injuries; concussions and CTE; playing after suffering a concussion; no one worried about football and CTE in the past; he doesn’t want his kids to play football or participate in combat sports because it’s not worth it; he wouldn’t play football if he could go back and do things over again; talk about money; football isn’t a sport for free-thinkers; coaches yelling at him; football coaching compared to combat sports; athletes are becoming more outspoken; college athletes aren’t paid despite bringing in millions for their schools; Arian wanted to study astronomy but settled on philosophy after being told astronomy would conflict with football; athletes don’t get a real education; Arian breaks down a day as a student and athlete; weightlifting; people love to bring up things you’ve done wrong; more talk about classes and training; meetings for football; Jim McMahon and CTE; college and time management; Arian is fascinated by theoretical physics; space travel; he wants to go back to school; everything applies to your existence; why he decided to retire; (1:00:00) talk about college football players and money; there should be a degree for football; he didn’t worry about nutrition in college; talk about his diet and becoming vegan temporarily; why he abandoned the vegan lifestyle; benefits of eating vegetables; blending and drinking vegetables; protein talk; CBD oil; he was prescribed Percocet after back surgery; marijuana and pain relief; Toradol; marijuana isn’t addictive; pain is different for everyone; people experience different sensations; Joe drinks bone broth with habanero sauce every morning; eating bone marrow; organ meat; menudo; New Mexico food; Trump supporters; deporting illegal immigrants; why Joe is proud of America; people want to come to America to make a better life; it’s not easy to become a legal citizen in America; fear and nationalism; people from Houston hate people from Dallas; Texas talk; peoples’ beliefs are based on what other people say rather than their own research; Israel and Palestine talk; impossible-to-fix parts of the world; Syria; North Korea talk; North Koreans crying at Kim Jong Il’s funeral video; passion and obsession; stand-up comedy looks easy but isn’t; writing new material; forcing yourself to think of ideas; comedians are the narrators of society; Arian wants to try stand-up comedy; Joe’s “Hello, stranger.” blog post; George Bush’s paintings; talk about Bill Cosby; OJ Simpson talk; OJ Simpson robbery case; talk about murder sentences; misdemeanor murders; money needs to be used to rebuild impoverished communities; gang violence and rap culture; Joe rants about LACMA and modern art again; (2:00:00) Arian questions Joe about the moon landing hoax conspiracy theory and why he doesn’t believe it anymore; Michael Collins faked NASA pictures; don’t be married to your ideas or opinions; why haven’t we gone back to the moon; if you’re going to believe in a conspiracy, the moon landing hoax is the best one; Operation Paperclip; Wernher von Braun; moon rock given to Holland by US astronauts is fake; Bill Clinton on the moon landing conspiracy; if Joe was president he’d ask about aliens and UFOs; it’s easy to get fooled online; Bondo ape; Karl Amann and Bondo apes; Joe talks about getting high at the zoo and watching apes; girl beats her chest at zoo and ape breaks the glass video; letting a species die; evolution; adapting and altering the environment; artificial intelligence; Blade Runner movie; no sci-fi movies predicted the internet; strange interactions with fans; child stars; Arian tells a story about seeing a Caesarean section as a child; some girls get a C-section to keep their bodies tight; birth and vaginal bacteria; vaginal plastic surgery/rejuvenation talk; nerve regeneration takes a long time; prostate exams; cancer and what causes it; Joe talks about smoking a cigarette as a teenager; people are living too close to freeways in Los Angeles and it’s making them sick; where Arian is going to move to; talk about Colorado and legalized marijuana; east coast compared to west coast; people in California are babies; icy roads; California weather; talk about California cities; dog talk; Arian was bit by a dog when he was seven; dogs are bad if their owners are bad; what Arian would do if he was president; Chelsea Manning’s prison sentence commuted by Obama; Bill Ayers and Weather Underground; morality is subjective; (3:00:00) war; starting over our civilization; why is corn in so many things; we should be eating healthier; organic food; GMOs and food; CRISPR; python breeder bred an emoji snake; debate about gene editing; why Arian got into football; Joe tells Arian to start a podcast and try stand-up comedy; Joe talks about Brendan Schaub; boiled chicken; Joe learns about Salt Bae; black Twitter moves culture; Kanye West deletes Trump tweets.

My Thoughts: Arian is a interesting dude and this is a good podcast! Talk about lots of topics including conspiracy theories!

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