The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1090 with Andrew Santino

Episode Number: 1090
Episode Guest: Andrew Santino
Original Airdate: March 13, 2018
Episode Sponsors: Square Cash, LegalZoom, Rocket Mortgage

Guest Bio: Andrew “Cheeto” Santino is a stand-up comedian and actor. You can also see him on the show I’m Dying Up Here on Showtime.

Topics Discussed: Craig Mack’s death; Boyle Heights gentrification; California real estate prices; tiny houses; Life Below Zero TV show; The Beastmaster movie; ferrets are illegal in California; people with no control over their dogs; Whitney Cummings is great with dogs; more talk about people with dogs; New York City real estate prices; you can’t be broke and afford to live in New York; Cheeto talks about living with comics; Duncan Trussell lived with Joe; isolation tank talk; cryotherapy and sauna talk; Wim Hof breathing methods; we are carbon dioxide conversion machines; gout; Vikings TV show; Trump wants to tax China 25% video; saying someone is a Nazi who isn’t a Nazi; people are allowed to have an opinion that differs from yours; hate speech; talk about genders and transitioning; Kick a Ginger Day; more talk about gender; Bruno Mars accused of cultural appropriation; Android phones vs. iPhones; Drag Me to Hell movie; Windows vs. Mac computers; High Plains Drifter movie; Cowboys & Aliens movie; No Country for Old Men movie; Javier Bardem; Robert De Niro’s career; Al Pacino as Joe Paterno; Jerry Sandusky; Ray Gricar’s mysterious death; Willow Creek movie; Joe knows a hunter who found a human skull in the woods; missing people on public lands; coyote talk; Joe talks about his chickens and rabbits; animated pornography; (1:00:00) tentacle porn; pornography censorship in Japan; guys in porn magazines couldn’t have erect penises; talk about porn magazines; finding porn magazines in the woods; “I know it when I see it”; Max Hardcore; eFukt; Hustler Magazine v. Falwell; the adult section in video stores; adult video stores; Amazon sells sex toys; micropenises; vagina surgery; Joe’s knee is still numb years after surgery; catheters; CRISPR; mass wrestling video; video of a dog jumping off a guy and up a wall onto a roof; Hold My Beer videos; people who think they know what to do in a fight; McDojo Life videos; some people buy into anything; cults and churches; dogs humping your kids; Joe won’t jerk off or have sex in front of his dogs; making your dog lick your genitals; Joe tells the story again when he realized that humans need contact and affection from other people; babies need to be held; extreme winter weather can kill animals; California doesn’t manage its predator population; British Columbia ends grizzly bear hunt; Joe doesn’t want to be around wolves; people don’t have a realistic idea of animal life; Lebec, California; There Will Be Blood movie; Peter Lebeck; grizzly bears in Colorado; video of Adam Greentree and a bear; bears claiming an animal you’ve already hunted/killed; situations where you’d eat another human; Alive movie; Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571; Viagra/Cialis and altitude sickness; paranoid talk about cell phones tracking us everywhere; Joe thinks Yondr pouches make his stand-up shows better; Joe compares performing comedy to performing music again; finding the rhythm of a joke; Theo Von; people trying to record stand-up shows; recording a celebrity; TMZ cameramen approaching celebrities; Anthony Bourdain tells TMZ he would serve Trump and Kim Jong-Un hemlock(2:00:00) talk about Trump’s tweets; Trump meeting with Kim Jong-Un; Trump is the most entertaining president; Cheeto thinks #metoo wouldn’t have happened if Hillary Clinton was president; Joe was asked to be on The Apprentice years ago when Trump was hosting; Cheeto thinks Trump will run in 2020 and win again; Trump wants to create a “Space Force”; what do other countries think of Trump; how will we stop a war from breaking out; we accept that war exists except when it’s near us; more talk about Boyle Heights gentrification; hating white people is still racism; women who hate men; there are more assholes than people with micropenises; Joe rants about tribalism; team penis vs. team vagina; “the future is female”; what if men were saying “the future is male”; “the future is happy, loving people” is a better slogan; getting a tattoo removed; Joe has a tattoo he wants to get removed; face tattoos; Cheeto says he can’t commit to getting a tattoo; (Cheeto goes pee); Cain Velasquez “Brown Pride” tattoo; more tattoo talk; Joe’s tattoo artist is Aaron Della Vedova; glow in the dark tattoos; Seth Rogen; Stony Awards; Underground Comedy in Toronto; video of Joe meeting the Iron Sheik; Joe’s least ideal way to perform comedy; talk about doing comedy in California; Chef Paul’s Cafe; Cheeto talks about being a comedian who’s trying to build up his audience/following; Joe talks about the Houston, Texas comedy scene; comedy in Denver, Colorado; comedy club chains; I’m Dying Up Here TV show; Brad Garrett; Cheeto talks about his upcoming shows; Dom Irrera; Philly cheesesteaks; Italian food in America; Joe talks about moving around as a kid; being filled with angst as a kid; Joe tells stories about horny girls in Catholic schools; what kind of women get into porn; guys with gambling addictions; porn addiction; people can get addicted to anything; we’re too soft today; (3:00:00) watching porn is one of the weirdest taboos; how much of the internet is for porn; Netflix has too many stand-up comedy specials today; comedy specials aren’t very special anymore; Sebastian Maniscalco; there’s no Netflix for podcasts; talk about Apple and podcasts; streaming music services; YouTube and Logan Paul controversy; there’s no real competitor to YouTube; bots on Twitter and Instagram; old people being scammed; Aldo Nova “Fantasy” music video.

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Vikings: Season 1
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