The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 608 with Ali Rizvi

Episode Number: 608
Episode Guest: Ali Rizvi
Original Airdate: February 4, 2015
Episode Sponsors:, ZipRecruiter, Onnit

Guest Bio: Ali Rizvi is a writer, musician, physician, currently working on his first book, The Atheist Muslim.

Topics Discussed: His new book The Atheist Muslim; LGBT Muslims; cherry picking from religion; people angry at Neil deGrasse Tyson; pro-choice Catholics; Joe Biden plagiarism; Joe Biden as president; Dick Cheney; people in groups against other groups; ISIS burning Jordanian man alive; ISIS makes good points; motivation of ISIS; drone deaths; ethics of drone strikes; using civilian deaths for sympathy; perpetual war; Clash of Civilizations book; how to fix things; Islamaphobia; Islam is not a race; men’s rights activists; agendas associated with radicals; feminists; atheism plus; Saudi Blogger lashing; King Abdullah; Saudi beheadings; Deera Square/Chop Chop Square; Saudi king locked up his daughters; male guardianship; Charlie Hebdo cartoons; mockery; The Interview; Kim Jong Un; momentum of the past; George Bush and King Abdullah holding hands and kissing; oil; rich Saudi cities; Ali’s Star of David story; Israel not on his globe; schools promoting martyrdom; Sunni and Shia differences; circumcision; Islam fighting; Reza Aslan; Islam apologists; Pakistan school attack; not believing in death; death means “transition” to them; Charlie Hebdo left wing reaction; freedom of speech; hate speech laws; Deuteronomy 20; Quran 47:4; secularism; ridiculousness of religious stories; science; Salman Rushdie; Satanic Verses; backlash; online threats; why Islam can’t evolve like other religions; science and religion; Ben Affleck on Real Time with Bill Mahr; Boko Haram.

My Thoughts: If you want to hear about Islam and religion, this is the podcast for you. Sticks to the topic for the entire duration.

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