The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 597 with Magnus Walker and Alex Ross

Episode Number: 597
Episode Guest: Magnus Walker and Alex Ross
Original Airdate: January 10, 2015
Episode Sponsors: DraftKings, ZipRecruiter, Onnit

Guest Bio: Magnus Walker is a driver, collector and builder of Porsches. He’s in a short documentary called Urban Outlaw featuring his move from hobby to successful business. Alex Ross is the owner and co-founder of Sharkwerks, which creates dialed-in, tweaked-out modern Porsches for Porsche enthusiasts.

Topics Discussed: New Porsche; less horsepower; traction and stability control; England; limiting attitude in England; magazines; origin of Urban Outlaw documentary; passion; air cooled vs. water cooled; Porsche Boxster;  GT3; favorite road to drive; 911; Ford Mustang; boring automatic Porsche; BMW; British TV channels; British music; coal miners strike; gay people raising money for coal miners; Russia bans trans drivers; Dov Charney; American Apparel factory; outsourcing manufacturing; Top Gear destroying Porsche; Jeremy Clarkson; Matt Farah; Delorean; getting a green card; becoming a US citizen; making custom cars; horsepower; driving as a challenge; cell phones; sweet spot of car technology; rev matching; Porsche Cayman; new Porsche; Porsche 924; Jack Olsen 911 videos; making lighter cars; airbags; water cooled and air cooled; different feel of old cars; cars as a time capsule; restoring classic Porsches; Porsche 959; rally racing; Rush movie; Seinfeld’s Porsche 911 gets hit; Daily Mail; Piers Morgan; British accents; rugby; Joe’s martial arts history; Joe’s UFC history; Joe’s acting history; Fear Factor; bull fighting; running of the bulls; Dr. Rhonda Patrick; Anthony “Rumble” Johnson; Jon Jones; Nick Diaz; image cars; BASF BMW.

My Thoughts: Wow, this was an absolute chore to get through. I hate cars, I hate driving cars, and I hate people talking about cars. This podcast went off course a few times fortunately, but it inevitably found its way back to talking about Porsches. To make things worse, this episode has three people going back and forth, talking over one another trying to carry on a conversation. I wish it was Alex Ross the comic book artist instead.

I didn’t keep track of the topics they discussed very well for this episode. It was a lot of technical talk and talk about particular makes and models of cars that flew completely over my head. I could have listened to a podcast in a different language and it would have made as much sense to me as this one did.

Only recommended if you’re really into cars.

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