The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 911 with Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo

Episode Number: 911
Episode Guest: Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo
Original Airdate: February 1, 2017
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Guest Bio: Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, writer, and conspiracy theorist. Eddie Bravo is a Jiu Jitsu black belt and owner of 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu. He is also a music producer, author, and podcaster.

Topics Discussed: Joe talks about his next podcast studio and he wants to have a fire pit; Alex is in deep with the Trump administration; mainstream media is dead; the internet killed television; man killed by tiger in China; naked man almost killed by lion in zoo; more talk about the internet vs. television; Alex was arrested in New York; Alex talks about Trump; Anthony Weiner and child porn; talk about PizzaGate; Ben Swann and PizzaGate; Jerry Sandusky; Podesta’s strange art collection; Hillary Clinton election fraud talk; 474 people arrested in child-trafficking ring; the Catholic church and pedophilia; Penn State child sex abuse scandal; Breitbart’s tweet about Podesta and child sex ring; Jeffery Epstein and the Lolita Express; more talk about PizzaGate and Comet Ping Pong; Megyn Kelly fabricated lies about Alex; spirit cooking; Obama spent $65,000 on “hot dogs” (male prostitutes); Alex Jones says he is not Bill Hicks; Alex’s 9/11: The Road to Tyranny documentary talk; the government turned a peaceful protest into a violent one; talk about the CIA; CIA and drug trafficking; Afghanistan opium production; American troops protecting Afghan opium; Alex talks about Israel/Palestine; why do people think Infowars is fake news; Alex talks about George Soros(1:00:00) (Alex goes to the bathroom); Joe and Eddie talk about how Alex is actually a good guy even though people dismiss him; talk about the motivations of mainstream news outlets; (they start drinking Gentleman Jack whisky); Alex isn’t racist; Joe talks about being stuck in the protests in New York; Trump isn’t a homophobe or racist; talk about Trump and the “grab them by the pussy” audio; Infowars and Joe’s podcast gets more watchers/listeners than mainstream news; Joe just wants to learn about things; Alex Jones admits he was wrong about Y2K and explains himself; Alex talks about Raymond Teague; Alex says we went to the moon but the footage is fake; Buzz Aldrin says there’s a monolith on a moon of Mars; Buzz Aldrin told Alex there’s water on the moon; India found water on the moon; stratospheric aerosol injections (SIA); HAARP talk; cloud seeding/manipulation; Alex says in the ’60s they could create/control hurricanes; Alex says Doppler Radar is used for controlling weather; can Bill Gates control the weather; global warming discussion; CIA director talks about geoengineering/chemtrails50 U.S. Code § 1520a (restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents); Alex talks about classified NASA programs and the moon landing; NASA photo fakery; Alex says there’s a nuclear reactor in Austin, Texas; doctors have killed people for their organs; if Joe was president, the first thing he would do is ask about aliens; some people are weird and are attracted to kids; the elite are trying to live forever and believe that there are 12 dimensions; the elite are trying to merge with machines and abandon humanity; Google is building the first intelligent supercomputer that will end consciousness and free will; this supercomputer will predict the future; (2:00:00) an interdimensional being is trying to absorb us; technology is lowering our IQs; Joe rants against Alex’s insane conspiracy theories about technology and dimensions; Alex says magic is technology that hasn’t been discovered yet; (Alex goes to the bathroom again); the globalists are anti-human; talk about Darwin; intelligence was given to humans by interdimensional beings; memories/knowledge can be passed on biologically; Alex says that the CIA leaked information and not the Russians; Alex talks about why Trump is good; will Trump go after the Vatican; Conspiracy of Silence documentary; powerful people are pedophiles; Alex says Hillary started the Obama birther talk; Michelle Obama says Barack’s home country is Kenya video; Dreams from My Real Father book; Obama’s mom was a CIA sex operative; Frank Marshall Davis talk; talk about Trump going after Obama about his birth certificate; the elite want to make humanity dumb and transcend civilization; Alex explains the elite to Joe; Club of Rome; the truth about Oprah Winfrey; video of Alex Jones breaking into Bohemian Grove; JFK’s speech about secret societies video; Eisenhower warns of the industrial military complex video; Operation Northwoods talk; Alex talks about 9/11; jets can go on autopilot and be controlled remotely; Alex says there were drones in World War II; Joseph Kennedy, Jr.; Alex says the secret service told him that Hillary was having seizures; Alex says Trump really is trying to cut taxes and he cares about the average person; Trump is trying to bring down the global system; Trump is trying to use American power to promote freedom worldwide; (3:00:00) Eddie says Alex is his canary in the coalmine; Joe tells Eddie he needs data to backup his ridiculous claims; Donald Trump is in the middle of an awakening; Alex talks about Trump again; Alex defines globalism (corporate world government) for Joe; how Trump will stop globalism; Trump will cut taxes but not for the rich; Trump’s tax plan; Trump wants to eliminate the estate tax; Alex gets slapped in the back of the head while grocery shopping; Alex rants about the women’s march where feminists were chanting “Allahu Akbar”; Alex asks Joe what the secret of the universe is; Joe says we won’t be people in the future and we will merge with technology; humans are the sex organs of the machine world; Alex says the elite are meeting with Mark Zuckerberg; Joe asks Alex about aliens; Alex says we’re receiving transmissions from other dimensions; Alex talks about dimensions and I can’t understand what he’s talking about; Eddie says Hollywood is creating propaganda with its popular movies; talk about the CIA; Alex says Trump will announce a cancer cure within the next few years; Bill Clinton’s thoughts on immigration align with Donald Trump’s; Eddie asks why people like Ronald Reagan; Alex says Trump is better than Reagan; Alex says he knows Trump is a good guy; more talk about globalism; Obama signed “Ministry of Truth”; Alex says he’s not left or right, he’s just trying to find out what’s real in the world; anti-propaganda bill; more talk about Trump; who would be the perfect person to run America; Alex says Trump is like both God and the Devil; Anderson Cooper worked for the CIA; we know more about things today than ever before; Greenland shark.

My Thoughts: The weed and whisky is flowing. I couldn’t keep track of Alex’s insane conspiracy theory about psychic vampires and interdimensional beings. There’s some yelling and talking over one another at times. I did my best to create a thorough transcript of their discussion. They cover Pizzagate and pedophilia, the moon landing, the elite transcending humanity, Obama, and lots of talk about Trump. They only briefly touch on 9/11, chemtrails, and weather manipulation.

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