The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 797 with Alex Grey and Allyson Grey

Episode Number: 797
Episode Guest: Alex Grey and Allyson Grey
Original Airdate: May 10, 2016
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Guest Bio: Alex Grey is a visionary artist, author, teacher, and Vajrayana practitioner. Alex and Allyson are co-founders of CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, and are currently working to build Entheon.

Topics Discussed: Talk about building Entheon and needing more money to finish it; only theme parks use the building processes that Alex and Allyson want to use to construct Entheon; what will happen to the church when they die; concerns about what happens to a church after its founders die; all religions use creative expression; they want to leave behind meaning; we can’t let one religion dominate; art can unite all religions; the idea behind their church is important; why connect what they’re doing to religion; creative energy eliminates destructive energy; why label what they’re doing as religion; the origin of the word “religion” means to reconnect; the quest to know the truth about the nature of reality; science should be incorporated into all religions; documenting their religion through liturgy; tax exempt status of churches; Allyson talks about doing MDMA and then wanting to build a church; how they became a church; they have security to make sure no one is doing drugs in their church; they have full moon ceremonies; Martine Rothblatt; religion and suppression of sexuality; Joe talks about his religious upbringing; the balance between mindfulness and paranoia; humans aren’t able to process the bad news about seven billion people; the world is fine and occasionally has violence and horror; the world can change when you’re nice to everyone; a smile can stop someone from committing from suicide; acid/LSD stopped Alex from committing suicide; the artwork of the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel; Michelangelo; Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement painting; the heart of religion is expressed through art; what is the purity of religion; what does Michelangelo’s art have to do with Catholicism; talk about the Jewish religion compared to the Christian religion; artwork gives scaffolding to religion; talk about Alex’s artwork and taking DMT; Joe talks about visually seeing his positive and negative thoughts and emotions while on DMT; diseases of consciousness; we need to learn from our negative experiences; Germany does not recognize Scientology as a religion; Donald Trump is a joke; Barack Obama disappointed people; Hacking Democracy documentary; we should be able to vote online since we can shop and bank online; you can’t complain about the world if you sit on your couch and eat Twinkies; we’re learning how to navigate our digital landscape; technology is like a birth; there’s a thinking atmosphere around the world; mushrooms are more like people than plants; acacia trees and plant intelligence; plants send out signals to one another; Alex compares festivals like Burning Man to mushrooms; the Zendo project; Joe says he’s a hippy; talk about Burning Man; Burning Man is like apocalypse preparation; Alex and Allyson try to get Joe to go to Burning Man; Burning Man art cars; more Burning Man talk; Alex’s pictures of Burning Man; you need to wear a particle mask at Burning Man; talk about Burning Man sculptures; a sneak peek at the art coming to Burning Man 2016; animation of every nuclear explosion since 1945; walking on crushed shells; talk about fire; when do they anticipate construction to finish; Joe says The Joe Rogan Experience podcast gets 30 million downloads per month; Alex’s best paintings will be on display in his church; giclee prints; psychedelic artwork; what are the consequences of the ban on psychedelics; psychedelics will save the planet, and marijuana is leading the way for sacred drugs; edible marijuana is a psychedelic drug; effect of legal marijuana on Colorado; there is an intelligence in marijuana; Alex thinks our health problems are due to the ban on marijuana; Nixon’s racism and the war on drugs; mushrooms are the best evidence for the existence of God; psychedelics can cure schizophrenia; MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies); ibogaine can help with drug addiction therapy and PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder); psychedelics are like CTRL+ALT+DEL for the mind; MDMA talk.

My Thoughts: Hoo boy. Talk about the building of Alex’s church. Talk about religion. Talk about drugs. Talk about Burning Man. More drug talk.

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