The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 955 with Al Madrigal

Episode Number: 955
Episode Guest: Al Madrigal
Original Airdate: May 4, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Onnit,, MVMT Watches, NatureBox, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Al Madrigal is a comedian and actor. He was a regular correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and is a co-founder of the All Things Comedy podcast network, alongside Bill Burr. His new special Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy premieres on Showtime on May 5, 2017 at 9 PM.

Topics Discussed: Moment app; phone addiction; talk about Ari Shaffir disappearing and abandoning his smart phone; Jack Reacher movies and books; why Al can’t be alone with his thoughts; The Comedy Store talk; Al is distracting himself with work; Joe doesn’t want an assistant; Bill Murray has a 1-800 number; Al wants “fuck you” money; grown children living with parents; Al’s work ethic; Al talks about his parents; Al talks about the old days doing comedy; doing comedy for people he had to fire; Al’s been doing stand-up for 19 years; comedians who stop doing comedy; Tim Allen; Al wrote comedy for Tim Allen because he felt sorry for him; you can’t jump out of comedy; Dana Gould; relationships where both people are in the entertainment industry; Al tells stories about having to fire people at his old job; Asian people squatting on toilets to shit; corporate stand-up gigs; Jay Leno’s stand-up comedy; Leno never changes his stand-up bits; comedians doing other peoples’ bits; people want to hear musicians’ hits but want comedians to do new bits; doing comedy in San Francisco; things comedians can do to make people laugh; comedy specials aren’t special anymore; Doug Stanhope’s special on Seeso; talk about Doug Stanhope buying houses in Arizona; getting an RV to drive around the country to do comedy; Sportsmobile camper vans; doing Anthony Bourdan’s Parts Unknown TV show; getting stoned; Joey Diaz and edibles; Al talks about his anxiety; talk about his podcast network; Al tells a story about a bad host introducing him; (1:00:00) Erik Griffin trashed Brendan Schaub about doing stand-up; commenting on stage about what’s happening in the room; more talk about The Comedy Store; comedians like to roast each other; Skippy from Family Times; Carrot Top; prop comics; ventriloquists; Otto and George; I’m Dying Up Here TV show; Al talks about working the road and practicing for his old special; talk about bad comedy clubs; doing comedy while waitresses were trying to sell Jell-O shots; working the road; Joe thinks Canada has 20% less douchebags than America; Al tells more road stories about doing comedy; prostitutes; Beverly Hills real estate and wealth; Pasadena, California talk; crime in Pasadena; Trump and MS-13; Al talks about trying Adderall and Ambien; Joe tells Al to cut sugar and carbs out of his diet; Al talks about what he eats; Al wants a gun; Al did a pilot for a travel TV show called This Place Sucks; Al drove over cars in a tank; Al talks about shooting guns; Al keeps a hammer under his bed; gun silencers/suppressors; Joe talks again about guns, mass shootings, mental issues, and prescription drugs; talk about gun control in the US and other countries around the world; buying guns at gun shows; guns laws in Kansas; talk about California cities; Al called the father of a son at his kid’s school an asshole; talk about bad kids and bad parents; Joe tells the story about Tait Fletcher choking someone out who tried to get into their hotel room; more talk about bad parents; kids who don’t eat properly; Al talks about three kids on a plane by themselves; (2:00:00) Al talks about trying to be a good dad; Al talks about his plans for the future; Al wants to work seasonally; balancing life; happiness; appreciating life after working hard and struggling; struggling financially; more talk about what Al wants from life; Al wants to learn how to make furniture; fly fishing talk; Al talks more about what he wants from life; Al talks about the All Things Comedy podcast network; comedians don’t need a manager or agent today; Al loves what he’s doing; Joe calls Al out about his anger; Joe doesn’t have a contract with his manager; find what you like to do and do it; Al wishes he started comedy earlier; Joe would quit everything else before comedy; Comic Insights book; life goes by quickly, so do what you want to do; regret; what is life; you need to exorcise stress from your life; Al’s anger and stress; Al talks about going on vacation; comics want to get where Joe is at; Joe didn’t like doing Fear Factor; television syndication; television actors; more All Things Comedy talk; television syndication deals; Al had seven television deals.

My Thoughts: Al talks about being stressed out with work and what he wants from life in the future. Talk about guns, parenting, kids, and lots of talk about comedy.

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