The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 807 with Gino and AJ From SpeedWeed (and Brian Redban)

Episode Number: 807
Episode Guest: Gino and AJ from SpeedWeed
Original Airdate: June 7, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Blue Apron,, ZipRecruiter, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Gino and AJ are the owners of SpeedWeed, “California’s best, most highly rated medical marijuana delivery service”.

Topics Discussed: Joe talks about their business SpeedWeed; talk about how they won’t be able to deliver marijuana anymore due to zoning ordinances; talk about having marijuana seized by the police; Joe talks about how William Randolph Hearst created propaganda to make marijuana illegal in the United States; hemp is illegal despite it not being psychoactive; the many uses for marijuana; talk about how AJ got into marijuana; nicotine has benefits but smoking is bad; AJ visiting the doctor to get a medicinal marijuana card; talk about California’s “prop D” which will negatively affect their SpeedWeed business; universal basic income could reduce crime; Switzerland rejects universal basic income; Canada and universal health care; Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau; Canadian comic forced to pay $15,000 for making fun of lesbians; talk about hecklers; Canadian comic Mike Ward faced with legal issues after making fun of disabled boy; people not familiar with comedians can be easily offended; comedians are artists; people should leave a comedy show if offended; California’s proposition 65; talk about SpeedWeed being sued; our society is too litigious; more marijuana taxes in California; talk about Colorado’s success with taxing marijuana; there should be an age limit on marijuana; comparing weed to alcohol; pot has never killed anyone; caffeine addiction; Redline energy drink; caffeine in Starbucks drinks; recovering alcoholics love cigarettes and coffee; you can get addicted to anything; Alcoholics Anonymous founder believes LSD could cure alcoholism; psychedelics provide a reset for the brain; we need to do research on psychedelics for their medicinal benefits; Brian has done LSD over 200 times and doesn’t think it’s helped him; Brian thinks marijuana has made him more paranoid and scared; Joe thinks marijuana has helped him and made him more introspective; marijuana is useful for creative purposes; different types of marijuana will affect you differently; you can only take one hit of marijuana if that’s all you want; marijuana and mood regulation; marijuana laws will get worse before they get better; talk about Chris Christie; talk about Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump; career politicians don’t make things better; SpeedWeed just laid off 40 people due to California’s new laws; Geno and AJ expand on their business, how the laws are fucking with them, and what they plan to do in the future; SpeedWeed sells to actors; actors get high and do scenes; pot places are everywhere in Denver; California weed compared to weed from other states; Denver’s higher altitude gets you drunker and higher; marijuana is a freedom of consciousness issue; Nixon’s war on drugs targeted blacks and hippies; double lung transplant patient prefers edibles over taking 45 pills per day; SpeedWeed started as an edibles company; they had to buy bugs to combat spiders who were ruining their marijuana grow op; you can buy ladybugs on Amazon; talk about extracting THC from marijuana; ayahuasca and cigarettes; marijuana doesn’t cure cancer; CBD oil and cancer; seizures and cannabis; Joe thought pot was for idiots until he was in his 30s; Graham Hancock and marijuana; talk about ancient civilizations; Chariots of the Gods movie; talk about the future, technology, and aliens; ancient batteries; supervolcanos; Mount St. Helens; Yellowstone caldera; Old Faithful; Brian thinks California is the most dangerous state for natural disasters; Saddam Hussein statue destruction; Christopher Columbus was a piece of shit; what would happen if we were bombed; electromagnetic pulses; solar flares; solar cycles; hypernovas; more talk about how SpeedWeed delivers marijuana; more talk about California marijuana laws; what Californians can do to help fight the unfair marijuana laws; Willie Nelson busted for drug possession; marijuana DUI’s in California; marijuana doesn’t effect motor skills; you can’t tell when or test for when someone is high on marijuana; marijuana only affects memory while you’re high; DEA agent won’t say that heroin is worse than marijuana video; talk about marijuana compared to other drugs.

My Thoughts: Talk about marijuana and California’s laws before turning towards comedy, ancient civilizations, natural disasters, and astronomy. Turns back towards weed near the end. Brian doesn’t talk much at all.

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