The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 648 with Adam Scorgie

Episode Number: 648
Episode Guest: Adam Scorgie
Original Airdate: May 14, 2015
Episode Sponsors: Trunk Club, Ting, Onnit

Guest Bio: Adam Scorgie is an independent filmmaker, most commonly known for his work on The Culture High, The Union: The Business Behind Getting High and Ice Guardians.

Topics Discussed: Making The Culture High; his documentaries; British Columbia’s marijuana industry; marijuana arrests; us vs. the police; mayor of town was wrongly busted for getting weed delivered in the mail; asset forfeiture; the DEA; Barack Obama; politics; Ross Perot buys time on TV; the Federal Reserve; Snopes; presidential debates; the internet and access to information; CBD oil and seizures; Canada and medical marijuana; alcohol; Colorado and weed legalization; Carl Sagan and weed; effectiveness of marijuana as cancer treatment; alcohol; bars over-serving; alcohol problems compared to weed problems; politicians; Chris Christie; food addiction; sugar; masturbation; cutting out sugar; Tim Horton’s; Dunkin Donuts; Canadians; Canada border crossing; DVDs; piracy; making a documentary in Canada; Mark Emery, Canadian jailed in America for mailing seeds to the United States; Nancy Grace and weed; Nancy Grace debates Nancy Grace video; Bill O’Reilly; media and news; The Culture High schizophrenia video; babies and colic; trauma; Business Insider The Culture High addiction video; denying the truth; Going Clear documentary; L. Ron Hubbard; Scientology; Sikh religion; bhang weed drink; Graham Hancock debating the true age of Egypt; Gobekli Tepe; nuclear glass; effect of The Joe Rogan Experience on others; benefits of martial arts and boxing; working hard at something; making a documentary; The Good Son documentary; documentaries; Michael Moore; mental problems; bipolar disorder; mental health stigma; podcasts; Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History “Blueprint for Armageddon” episode; Mongols; Lars Andersen archery video; shoes and how to run; how kids run; barefoot shoes; Skechers Shape-Up shoes lawsuit; Chuck Taylor Converse shoes; wallets; fanny packs; flying with a fanny pack; airline security profiling; Adam’s airport cocaine story; borders and drug smuggling; Howard Marks; the war on drugs; what’s next for Adam; Ice Guardians documentary; hockey enforcers; popularity of the UFC; UFC stars; Cain Velasquez’s injuries; breathing and elevation; Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez fights; power punches; technique talk; Mayweather’s technique; boxing talk; Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson’s size and popularity; weight cutting; former boxers and slurred speech; head trauma; nootropics; Neuro 1 supplement; Bill Romanowski; Alpha Brain benefits; importance of sleep; truBrain nootropic drink; nutrition; energy drinks; Red Bull; Five Hour Energy; energy drink ingredients; amount of caffeine in coffee; kids and sugar; moderation; non-violent drug arrests; asset forfeiture; beat cops now vs. then; militarized police; RT reporter robbed live on camera; police officers and PTSD; the war on drugs; shifting momentum; technology helping; Salem witchcraft accusations and ergot poisoning; reading thoughts and feelings; FMRI and Indian murder case; technology and the future; Scientology; Going Clear documentary; Tom Cruise; Edge of Tomorrow movie; Tom Cruise Matt Lauer Today interview;

My Thoughts: Play a drinking game with this one: take a shot each time Adam says that he was a “nightclub owner” or when he says he crushes/crushed or was crushing food or a drink. Not as much weed talk as I was expecting, which was good.

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