The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 1028 with Adam Greentree

Episode Number: 1028
Episode Guest: Adam Greentree
Original Airdate: October 25, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Showtime Championship Boxing, ZipRecruiter

Guest Bio: Adam Greentree is a bowhunter and photographer from Australia. He also hosts his own podcast called Bowhunter’s Life available for download via Apple Podcasts.

Topics Discussed: There are more people in California than Australia; one of his friends was gored by a banteng/scrub bull; hunters are curious about the gear that he uses; Nock On podcast; hot yoga talk; picture of a crocodile; crocodile talk; crocodiles are protected in Australia; hunting in Australia; alligators are protected in Florida; Swamp People TV show; alligator meat is good; alligators eat dogs; Jim Shockey hunting crocodiles in Africa; video of his drinking water; he’s never been sick from drinking water while hunting; talk about his recent hunt in America that he documented on his Instagram; he lost a lot of weight; hunting in Colorado and Idaho; he saw grizzly bears in Colorado; people deny the existence of grizzly bears in Colorado; British Columbia to end grizzly bear hunting; talk about being charged by a grizzly bear and not having a functioning gun to protect himself; Steve Rinella’s MeatEater podcast episodes about being charged by a grizzly bear; grizzly bears are huge; bears in Alberta; hunting helps conserve nature and promotes healthy animal populations; California mountain lion alpaca slaughter; Joe rants again about the anthropomorphization of animals; (1:00:00) more bear talk; “moll” slang term; shooting older, mature animals is important; he’s happy to go home without meat if he tried hard; Courtney Dauwalter is considering a 500-mile run; it’s hard for Adam to be away from his family; appreciating life after a hunt; doing difficult things is important; he’s happy to die right now; Grizzly Man documentary; grizzly bears are bigger than Bigfoot; short faced bear; nature is amazing; picture of the sky on his Instagram; balancing life in nature with civilization; cave paintings he saw; he tells the story of the cave paintings he found while hunting; Australia’s Northern Territory; more talk about the history of the Australian aboriginal people; archaeological discovery in Kakadu; there are over 700 dialects of the aboriginal people in Australia; sharing; more talk about the behavior of indiginous people of Australia and how they work; there’s lots of wild game to hunt in Australia; orb spider; he was bitten by a scorpion and talks about the pain; blue-bellied black snake; brown snake; red-bellied black snake; Adam talks about his crazy friend who uses snakes to hunt; he watched his friend lasso and wrestle a water buffalo; (they watch videos of Adam’s crazy friend); more talk about him; cassava preparation video; foods that can kill you; Japanese fugu (blowfish); talk about the food he takes when hunting in Australia; food he finds and eats; “tucker” Australian slang(2:00:00) Joe is puzzled by Australian slang terms; people eat crickets; Exo cricket protein bars; Joe ate crickets in Mexico and liked them a lot; calling someone a “cunt” in Australia; Joe doesn’t listen to his wife when she’s talking to him; Adam is quiet and likes to hunt alone; people think he’s antisocial; how his childhood made him a quiet, solitary person; he wants to go back 10,000 years and be an indigenous Australian; going on walkabouts; how different aboriginal people communicate with each other; John McDouall StuartMr. Steuart’s Track book; Joe doesn’t have wanderlust like Adam does; more talk about cave paintings; Adam talks about visiting New Mexico and the Anasazi; feral cat hunting in Australia; what can be hunted in Australia; people eat kangaroo; dingo feral dogs; mako shark meat; fish and chips could actually be shark; dogfish sharks; animal regulations in Australia; triathlete killed by shark off San Diego beach; why you shouldn’t eat shark meat; mercury levels in shark meat; Joe had arsenic in his body from eating sardines; more talk about fish and mercury; Prozac and crabs; Adam wants Joe to go to Australia.

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