The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 776 with Adam Cropp

Episode Number: 776
Episode Guest: Adam Cropp
Original Airdate: March 18, 2016
Episode Sponsors: NatureBox, Uber, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Adam Cropp is an Expedition Leader on the National Geographic Orion, from the remote jungles of Papua New Guinea to the frosty frontiers of Antarctica and everywhere in between.

Topics Discussed: How he got into his job; his father was a shark hunter then conservationist; sharks and shark attacks on humans; bull sharks; basis of the Jaws movie; sharks kill humans because of mistaken identity; sharks can see your heart beating; how he got involved with National Geographic; what he does for his job; National Geographic Orion ship; what kind of mammals are in Antarctica; leopard seals; “How a Leopard Seal Fed Me Penguins” article; dugong; how Adam was almost killed by a dugong; The Lion Whisperer; we don’t have enough respect for animals; being stung by a box jellyfish; bullet ant stings; pain of sting from box jellyfish; pain lasted six months; Irukandji jellyfish; Americans’ fear of Russia; Vladimir Putin; “The Bromance Between Trump and Putin is Over”Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes video; American politics; Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump; health care in Canada and Australia; Melbourne, Australia; The Hunter movie; size of Australia; immigration and Australia; Tony Abbott; Arj Barker; Adam Greentree; oldest evidence of life on earth is in Australia; aboriginal Australians; global warming; global cooling; Randall Carlson; nuclear glass; asteroid impacts; story about when Adam saw a UFO; scientists discover planet made of diamonds; Event Horizon movie; technology to stop asteroid impacts on earth; war and conflict between humans; did aliens engineer humans; new season of The X-Files TV show; Zecharia Sitchin; Anunnaki; Nibiru; ancient cultures; Graham Hancock books; have we found Queen Nefertiti’s tomb; ancient artwork in Australia; age of earth and our concept of time; rising sea levels; looking back on our life today; Life After People TV show; Detroit is being reclaimed by nature; tree root that grew in Joe’s toilet pipes; Costa Rica; Costa Rican pyramids; meeting fascinating people on his travels; Easter Island and statues; people who are reluctant to accept new evidence; birdman cult; semen warriors of Papua New Guinea; cannibalism and other crazy things in Papua New Guinea; garbage in Papua New Guinea; plastic island off Maldives; Maldives; Chinese ownership in Australia; China is nuts; China makes decisions based on the future rather than the election cycle; the American presidential system; Marco Rubio; Hillary Clinton; no one trusts Hillary Clinton; why Joe wouldn’t want to be president; what the future of politics should be like; being the president is a nutty job; politicians getting paid for making speeches; Bill and Hillary Clinton are making tons of money from speeches; Bob Brown; dealing with politicians; we would be better off if individuals had a say rather than using an elected government; politics now, then, and in the future; getting a politician on the podcast; televised debates are ridiculous; Bernie Sanders is a rebel but still a politician; Australian lawyers in certain courts still wear powdered wigs; Adam had a pocket knife while trying to board a plane and was charged with possession of a deadly weapon; Australian laws; Adam’s bags all go through extra security and are searched now; Joe accidentally tried to carry a knife on a plane and they just took it away; there are too many laws in Australia; Joe thought about moving to Australia; where Adam was on 9/11 and how he learned about it on the radio; Joe talks about where he was on 9/11; the earth’s temperature raised on 9/11; contrails and chemtrails conspiracy theory; Adam talks about suffering nerve damage throughout his body from scuba diving too much; Adam literally became less intelligent from his accident and now enjoys pop culture and bad TV shows/movies; streaming TV and movies compared to watching TV live with commercials; commercials work for dumb people but makes smarter people not want to buy the products advertised; advertisements for pharmaceutical drugs; Americans take a lot of prescription drugs; Adam suffers from constant pain in his hands and feet; hypobaric chambers; doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him and he’s tried a lot of drugs; acupuncture works for him; pirates; Live Piracy Map; pirates were attacked by guests and crew of a cruise ship; desperation leads people to piracy; climate change; Antarctica is quite warm; the metric system; what is his favorite place to visit; does he feel bad for people who don’t get to travel the world; experiencing different cultures; some jellyfish are immortal; sea creatures are like aliens; cuttlefish; cuttlefish mating video; octopuses; how do we decide what we eat; Yulin Dog Meat Festival; (Adam goes to the bathroom); Joe talks about how often he goes pee; xanthan gum; pirates wore earrings as payment for their burials; yoga pants; men can’t wear yoga pants; fanny packs; fanny means vagina in Australia; Joe offers Adam a fanny pack but he refuses; climate change talk; Merchants of Doubt documentary; more climate change talk; the earth’s temperature is rising; Hacking Democracy documentary; more climate change talk; we need to stop using coal for power; what can be done to solve climate change; Mohamed Nasheed, president of the Maldives who was jailed because of climate change; all the sea life will die by 2050; Greenland is melting; how to solve climate change; Hyperloop; we should put the military budget towards solving climate change; World Without Wars; people are getting shot by toddlers on a weekly basis; America’s gun problem; war and military budgets.

My Thoughts: Not as dry as I was anticipating. They talk about his job, travelling the world, politics, space, Adam’s UFO sightings, and climate change.

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