The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 763 with Action Bronson

Episode Number: 763
Episode Guest: Action Bronson
Original Airdate: February 22, 2016
Episode Sponsors: Squarespace, Dollar Shave Club, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Action Bronson is a rapper and former chef. His show Fuck, That’s Delicious can soon be seen on Vice’s new cable network, Viceland.

Topics Discussed: How he got his name; his Instagram; people try to put him in a box; doing his show Fuck, That’s Delicious for Vice; the importance of being on YouTube; the internet is making television obsolete; voice recognition; flip phones; addiction to phones and technology; YouTube recommendations; finding music on YouTube; Edison phonograph cylinders; guy breaks rare wax cylinder on live television; the sound quality of vinyl records; driving and listening to music; loud subwoofers in cars; ridiculous rims on cars; Schmidt car wheelsBMW M5 cars; BMW M5 drifting video; death of Giorgi Tevzadze, BMW street drifter; Sam Kinison’s death; karma is a mother fucker; Russian climbersthejameskingston Instagram videos; Joe can’t ice skate; ice skating talk; types of ice skates; South Park “What Would Brian Boitano Do?”; South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut movie; Tropic Thunder movie; Borat movie; Bruno movie; Don’t Mess With the Zohan movie; how his TV show works; Action Bronson worked as a chef; breaking his leg changed his life; Action Bronson at NyamJam video; the world of being a chef; chefs are rock stars now; Anthony Bourdain’s TV shows; Julia Child; Emeril Lagasse; Guy Fieri; Anthony Bourdain doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Action Bronson once took steroids and lifted weights; Paul Dillett; his fluctuating weight; self-control; dedication; changing what he eats; why are the most delicious things the worst for you; chicken and waffles; Joe’s diet; gut bacteria; Atkins diet; ketosis; pasta; fried ravioli; cheesesteaks; Fogo de Chao; legality of magic mushrooms; MAPS and psychedelics as medicine; the lethal dose for magic mushrooms; rats eat other rats; Action Bronson had squirrels in his house; why is it fine to kill rats but not squirrels; ground squirrels; leopards; chimps; bondo apes; Congo movie; Karl Amman and bondo ape skulls; HIV/AIDS in Congo; shoebill bird; terror bird; monkeys using things as weapons; Ancient Aliens TV show; have or will aliens visit(ed) us; Graham Hancock; how does Action Bronson decide where to go for his show; Guy Fieri; guys with bad hair, like Donald Trump and Don King; is Donald Trump trolling; Michael Jordan crying face meme; Trump wanting to keep Mexicans out of America; what if Americans had to work as hard as Mexicans to get a job; Trump on making Mexicans pay for the wall; Jeb Bush asks audience to “please clap” video; Chris Christie; what will happen if Trump becomes president; Action Bronson and Joe debate the size of Trump’s penis; Behind the Candelabra movie; Liberace made his boyfriend get plastic surgery to look like him; Action Bronson smokes a lot of weed; AB got a hernia playing NBA Jam; getting his hernia fixed; The Jerky Boys; Crank Yankers TV show; recording phone calls; is AB happy with who he is; playing pool; pool halls; Asian pool players; Filipino pool players; music in Vietnam; Saigon Rock Vietnamese funk music; X-Alfonso; listening to music in another language; X-Alfonso “Reverse” video; visiting Cuba; cell phone service in Cuba; Cuba talk; Buena Vista Social Club movie; Americans not being allowed to visit Cuba; AB visiting Russia; DagestanKhabib Nurmagomedov; how long will he do his show for; eating a steak that was dry aged for seven months; how much meat goes to waste after dry aging; 12-month dry aged steak; eating cheese that has been aged for years; using expensive cheese on Fear Factor to make bugs smell and taste badly.

My Thoughts: A little bit of talk about food and Action Bronson’s show, and the rest of the time they jump all over from topic to topic.

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