Stuff Joe Likes: Salli Swing Fit Saddle Seat

Stuff Joe Likes: Salli Swing Fit Saddle Seat

See that uncomfortable looking thing up there? That’s actually something that Joe used (still uses?) while recording the podcast. It’s an ergonomic saddle chair designed to provide a healthier sitting position and posture. If you’ve ever sat in an uncomfortable office chair for three hours like Joe has, you can imagine that there has to be something better out there.

The Salli Saddle Seat pushes your crotch forward and arches your back into the position that it should naturally be in. This will improve your posture and reduce tension and soreness throughout the trunk of the body that you would otherwise experience when sitting in a traditional chair. Even your ass and legs will feel the benefits, as the Salli is designed in such a way that promotes blood flow through the legs. No more pins and needles after an extended period of sitting at a desk on a Salli. Perhaps most importantly, your legs are positioned perfectly for gliding around the floor on the stool’s 65mm casters, across hardwood or carpet.

As you can imagine, the Salli Saddle Seat doesn’t come cheap. You’re looking at about $1,200 for such a seat. Sure, that’s a drop in the bucket to what Joe’s raking in on the podcast, but for the average guy like you and I, that’s a week’s pay. That being said, would you put a price on being healthy and feeling better? I do, and the ceiling is about $200. If you can swing (sorry…) it, Amazon has a few different styles so you can match it to your needs and your style. Choose casters for wood or carpet, a chrome metal or black base, and select one of 40 upholstery options for the seat.

Buy Now for $1,170.00

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