Stuff Joe Likes: Kombucha Tea

Stuff Joe Likes: Kombucha Tea

While Joe doesn’t speak of kombucha tea as often as he used to, he does occasionally mention that he drinks kombucha tea daily. There are a variety of reasons one would want to do so, but I suspect that Joe drinks it daily because kombucha tea is packed with probiotics.

Rogan sounds like a bit of a broken record when it comes to gut bacteria, speaking at great lengths on the topic with people like Dr. Rhonda Patrick. As he mentions, if you have a lot of good gut bacteria working away in your intestines, you digest food better and generally feel better overall. Consuming products with living probiotics is one way to ensure you have the necessary gut bacteria to feel as good as you can.

When it comes to drinking kombucha tea, you have a variety of options. You can choose to buy the kombucha scoby live culture to make your own living kombucha at home. You can also find kombucha products on the shelves of stores focused on healthy living, such as Whole Foods. Of course, Amazon is a great source of kombucha products if you don’t have access to them locally.

Amazon actually has a wide range of kombucha products, including a number of ready-to-drink flavored kombucha beverages from Kombucha Wonder Drink. There’s also a great kombucha starter kit which includes everything you need to start brewing your own kombucha tea at home, including the live culture scoby, a brew jar, tea bag, and even the organic cane sugar to sweeten your first batch of tea.

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