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Stuff Joe Likes: Barbell Apparel Denim Jeans

01/04/19 Update: Barbell Apparel is currently running a promotion offering their biggest deal ever! For a limited time, buy one get one free on any performance wear. First time customers can even use my coupon code of fancypants (click it!) to take an additional 10% off the total!

If you’ve listened to Joe’s podcast within the past couple of months, you’ve undoubtedly heard him rave about his Barbell Apparel jeans. What sets these jeans apart from the many others available is how well they fit and the construction of them.

Barbell Apparel jeans are made from a combination of 92% cotton, 6% polyester, and 2% spandex. The spandex is key. It gives the jeans a little bit of stretch and makes them a whole lot more comfortable to wear compared to jeans that are 100% cotton. While I haven’t worn Barbell Apparel jeans before, I do own jeans made with spandex, and despite being just a small fraction of the material, the spandex goes a long way towards improving comfort. The same can be said for T-shirts made with a little bit of spandex or elastane.

Barbell Apparel jeans are designed for athletic guys. Guys who have muscular bodies. Guys who–like Joe–are built like bridge trolls. If you lift or do Crossfit and have big thighs or a meaty ass, Barbell Apparel jeans are at the very least worth trying on, especially if you find it difficult to find a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly.

Barbell Apparel jeans aren’t as ubiquitous as Levi’s so you won’t be able to head down to your local Target and try them on. Fortunately, the Barbell Apparel website has a wide variety of styles and colors for both men and muscular and curvaceous women. There’s lots of shirts, other pants, and accessories available as well.

During the checkout process, make sure you enter in the discount coupon code fancypants if you’re a new customer and you’ll save 10% off your order!

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