Save Up to 25% During Onnit's 2017 Semi-Annual Sale

Save Up to 25% During Onnit’s 2017 Semi-Annual Sale!

The last big sale that Onnit had was back in November during Black Friday, and this week it is running its semi-annual sale. If you missed out five months ago, or if your supply is running low, this is the time to stock up. Onnit says that this is the last big sale until Black Friday rolls around again in seven months.

Let’s take a look at what’s on sale:

If that’s not enough for you, save an additional 5% when you spend $150 and save an additional 10% when you spend $250. If you’re loading up on supplements or want to buy a couple of kettlebells, it’s easy to hit that $250 threshold to unlock an extra 10% in savings.

There’s also a couple of “door buster” deals where you can save even more, including the Werewolf Legend Bell Kettlebell for just $73 (that’s half off the regular price), the Quad Mace for just $99, and Hemp Force Vanill-Açaí for half of its regular price, now just $22.

This sale is live now and will run until this Friday, April 28, 2017 at 1 PM EST. Yes, that’s a weird time, but just make a mental note to order before your lunch on Friday. I would recommend stocking up as soon as possible though, as products do have a tendency to go out of stock during big sales, especially on some of these amazing door buster deals.

Remember, shopping with my link at Onnit helps support this site and keeps it chugging along!

Thank you, and happy shopping!

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