The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 948 with Brendan Schaub and Eddie Bravo

Episode Number: 948
Episode Guest: Brendan Schaub and Eddie Bravo
Original Airdate: April 18, 2017
Episode Sponsors: Dirty Lemon, The Black Tux, Onnit, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Brendan Schaub is a retired UFC fighter, former semi-professional football player, co-host of The Fighter and the Kid podcast, host of the Big Brown Breakdown podcast, and a stand-up comedian. Eddie Bravo is an American Jiu-Jitsu instructor, musician, former UFC analyst, and is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.

Topics Discussed: Demetrious Johnson (DJ) is the best of all time, even better than Fedor; who DJ should fight next; rumor about Tyron Woodley vs. Conor McGregor at UFC 213; what’s going to happen with Cris “Cyborg” Justino in the UFC; Kong: Skull Island movie; Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! TV show; John C. Reilly as Steve Brule; Gangs of New York movie; Native Americans; Dances with Wolves movie; Ruben Villareal; Native Americans are from Siberia; boxing/UFC wars; Joe’s theory that guys with older brothers are tough; prime age for a fighter; Daniel “DC” Cormier’s next fight; should Jon Jones have a warm-up fight; Dominick Cruz talk; Robert Whittaker talk; Anthony “Rumble” Johnson retiring; Rumble vs. DC talk; talk about kicking; Pedro Rizzo; talk about Rumble working for the Los Angeles Rams; athletes retiring; the pressure of being a champion; fighters retiring then coming back later to fight; Brendan talks about someone damaging his Bentley; talk about a weed dispensary owner driving the same car as the police; Dodge Demon; Ford Mustang GT350R; more talk about cars; Porsche 911 Turbo; Japanese cars; Dodge Viper ACR; more car talk; car colors; Tom Selleck on The Rosie O’Donnell Show(1:00:00) gun control talk; Facebook killer commits suicide; guns aren’t the problem, crazy people are; lack of empathy; anyone can lose their mind; RXBARs; coffee talk; Nespresso; more talk about cars; Bill Burr flies helicopters; Bill Burr’s comedy; Brendan and Joe talk about stand-up comedy and trying out bits; doing more than one show per night; changing the order of bits; Sick in the Head book; Brendan talks about meeting Judd Apatow; having a job in addition to stand-up; Joe says his podcast makes him better at comedy; Aubrey Marcus talk; talk about Kim Jong-Un and North Korea; mainstream media; Alex Jones is playing a character; Eddie thinks the people in North Korea are acting; North Korea military parade video; debate about whether the North Koreans are actors; removing a dictator from a country; Eddie thinks the globalists are funding North Korea; Eddie thinks ebola was a distraction; US MOAB Afghanistan bomb drop; Eddie doesn’t think dinosaurs were real; Eddie thinks a Tyrannosaurus Rex is a big kangaroo; man punching kangaroo in the face video; kangaroo talk; more talk about dinosaurs; flat earth talk; Eddie thinks the Japanese satellite pictures of earth are fake; debate about fake pictures of earth; Joe asks why Eddie always goes towards conspiracy theories; Joe says Eddie doesn’t think correctly; Eddie says he’s just having fun with conspiracies; Eddie talks about the government controlling everything; more talk about satellite pictures of the earth; flat earth talk; talk about the spin of the earth; Michelson–Morley experiment; Eddie thinks scientific journals are fake; talk about the rotation of the earth; more fighting about conspiracy theories and fake space pictures; (2:00:00) Eddie doesn’t think satellites are real; Eddie thinks NASA and space exploration is a waste of money; Joe explains why space exploration is important and real; more fighting; Eddie believes the space shuttle is real; Eddie says NASA faked six moon missions; The History of the Flat Earth “documentary”; Eddie’s not sure if the earth is flat or round; (Jamie pulls up pictures to try to convince Eddie that the earth is round); more fighting; Joe admits he was gullible when he was younger and that he wanted to believe in conspiracy theories; perspective; (Jamie jumps in to debate Eddie); there are no photos of the earth showing that it’s flat; more talk about “fake” NASA pictures; Joe is worried about Eddie; Eddie rants about Polaris and the north pole; more fighting about compasses and magnetic north; talk about the earth spinning; time lapse video of stars moving; more fighting about the earth spinning and the stars; Eddie says he hasn’t even talked about crazy shit yet, but will save it for the next podcast.

My Thoughts: A little bit of fight talk. Lots of car talk. North Korea. Dinosaurs. Flat earth. Lots of fighting about conspiracies. I don’t understand why they announce they’ll talk about fights and then it just devolves into conspiracy theories. The only upside is that Brendan stays relatively quiet during the argument.

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The Joe Rogan Experience Episode 947 with Ron Miscavige

Episode Number: 947
Episode Guest: Ron Miscavige
Original Airdate: April 18, 2017
Episode Sponsors: LegalZoom, Onnit,, Caveman Coffee

Guest Bio: Ron Miscavige is the father of the Church of Scientology leader David Miscavige and former member for over 40 years. His book Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me is available now.

Topics Discussed: Ron’s book Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me; Joe got an email from Scientology about Ron and reads it aloud; Ron talks about Scientologists following him; Ron’s relationship with his son David; Scientology monitored his communication between himself and his son; how Scientology was in the 1970s; Joe bought the Dianetics book; components of Scientology are useful; discovering the holes in Scientology’s beliefs; remote viewing; Thetans; going from the Marines to Scientology; Holiday Magic pyramid scheme; David had bad asthma when he was younger and received shots of adrenaline; Ron says Scientology communication cured David’s asthma; this led Ron to bring his whole family into Scientology and move to England; Ron never met L. Ron Hubbard; Ron explains Sea Org; Scientology is expanding its real estate empire, but not the amount of members in the church; Ron talks about joining the Marines and compares it to David joining Scientology; more Sea Org talk; Ron thinks that power corrupted David; what led Ron to become disconnected from David; Scientology’s tax exempt status; Ron had to call his son “Sir”; talk about how sheltered his life was living as a Scientologist; Mission Earth book; Ron worked on albums with Edgar Winter and Issac Hayes; what kind of work he would do for Scientology; L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday parties and other Scientology events; does Ron feel responsible for bringing his son into Scientology; Ron talks about his relationships with his children; people who leave Scientology are called suppressive people; L. Ron Hubbard wrote more books than anyone in history; Scientologists aren’t stupid; the internet exposed Scientologists; there’s only 20,000 Scientologists today; David gave Ron a Kindle but Scientology guards tried to take it away; David bypassed the Scientology internet filter by using his Kindle; L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t a war hero; Scientology lied about someone being healthy when they were dead; being punished by Scientology; Ron ran the music department of Scientology; Sea Org pays $30/week; how people were being treated led him to leave Scientology; if Scientology was effective, he would have stayed; what the people who surround David are like; Ron thinks David went down the wrong path; (1:00:00) Scientology doesn’t believe in family; do Scientologists really believe in it; Ron explains knowledge reports; Scientology interrogation; Scientology treats those who question the church like prisoners; signing contracts and leaving the church; Ron had to plan his escape from the church; working with the new music director of Scientology; talk about finally leaving the church to live with his wife’s mother; Scientologists came and found him to bring him back; why does Scientology care if someone leaves; Ron hasn’t talked to David since he left; does Ron feel like he fucked up his life and/or feel responsible for what happened to David; talk about fair game policy; once you leave Scientology, they try to destroy your reputation; why he wrote his book; he wants Scientology to drop their disconnect policy that demands Scientologists separate from their family members who aren’t Scientologists; he wouldn’t have joined Scientology if he could go back; Scientology doesn’t get many new members now because of the internet; L. Ron Hubbard created Scientology to help himself; Ron would talk to David if he wanted to talk to him; power is like a drug; Scientology has a lot of wealthy members, which is how it can continue to buy real estate; Scientology medal of valor; Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow movie; Tom Cruise talk; Joe thought Scientology was motivational, kind of like Anthony Robbins; Tom Cruise wouldn’t do anything to cross David; saluting other Scientologists; more talk about celebrities and Scientology; how Ron and Joe met Leah Remini; David doesn’t think he’ll talk to his son again.

My Thoughts: Ron gives long rambling answers. Sticks to talk about Scientology.

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