Countdown to Black Friday 2019: Day 2 of 4

Do you have a particular plan of attack when it comes to Black Friday? Do you seize the opportunity to experiment with new products that you otherwise wouldn’t pay full price for? Do you stock up on the things that you already know you love and will need in the future? Do you buy things to give to people during the holiday season? Maybe you’re the type of person who all of the above would apply to?

You might describe me as “frugal” or “thrifty” so my purchases are limited to the things I know I love and will need, and gifts for those who I love. My sponsors Onnit and Barbell Apparel have items that would fall into both of those categories.

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Onnit has a wide range of supplements which work best if you continually take them day after day, week after week. That’s kind of the point of things that make you feel better: you keep taking them. Items like Alpha Brain, Total Keto Daily, and Shroom TECH Sport are the type of products that would be perfect to bulk buy this 2019 Black Friday to kick of the new year in the right way. Obviously these are just a few of the many products offered by Onnit so I encourage you to check out the website to explore its full catalog of products to optimize your life to help you down the path towards health.

I’m the type of person who will have five pairs of the same type of pants. I know how they fit, I like how they fit, and I want a pair for each day of the week. Same with shirts. I have an oddly shaped body, so when I find a shirt that fits me both in width and in length, I’ve got to scoop up as many as I can.

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Barbell Apparel must know that its customers like to do the same thing. And when you’re dealing with athletic physiques, you almost have to stock up on multiples of the same items because they can be so hard to find.

As I mentioned, Barbell Apparel must know that, which is why its polos are bundled together for Black Friday 2019. This is great for both retailer and consumer, but can lead to product selling out. In fact, the Barbell Apparel polo shirts have actually sold out before–four times. The “ultra-light, 360ยบ stretch flextek fabric” makes it a great choice for casual days or can be dressed up with a blazer thrown overtop. It’s versatility and comfort is what makes it a popular choice, so head over to Barbell Apparel now to ensure that your size and color(s) are still available. The regular price for the polo is nearly $80, so buying three for $99 is a no-brainer.

Barbell Apparel’s Black Friday 2019 sale is on now, so don’t wait until this Friday. What you want could be gone by then, so act fast.

The 2019 Onnit Black Friday sale hasn’t begun yet, but I will continue to highlight products throughout the week in the lead up to the holiday long weekend, so be sure to check back here daily for news and updates about the Black Friday 2019 Onnit sale.

See you tomorrow!

This post contains product links to Barbell Apparel, Onnit, and possibly Amazon, of which I will be compensated if you make a purchase.

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