Countdown to Black Friday 2019: Day 3 of 4

Tomorrow will be the last day of my 2019 Black Friday preview, and I will have something special for you all: someone at Onnit reached out to me and emailed me a list of all the deals that will be live on Black Friday all the way through Cyber Monday until the middle of next week. So, remember to return here tomorrow so you can get a head’s up on everyone else and plan your attack so you can ensure you get what you want once the deals go live.

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One little tidbit of information I can share with you all is that the three Onnit 6 workout programs will be available at 50% off each. These are full-body kettlebell, steel mace, and bodyweight workouts that you do for six weeks, resulting in a (hopefully) transformed body. This is a digital purchase so you can do the exercises at your leisure from the comfort of your home, or wherever else you happen to be. In addition to all the exercises, there are also a variety of related videos with biohacks, lifestyle tips, and additional exercises. I’m a workout video skeptic, but this one has killer reviews from actual customers. 70 people have given it an average of 4.7/5 so it must be good! Don’t have a kettlebell or steel mace? Don’t worry; they’ll be 18% off on Black Friday. (Shh…)

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As far as Barbell Apparel goes, let’s look at the women today…women’s clothes that is. Barbell Apparel took its unique and successful version of pants for athletic men and applied it to a wide range of pants for women so they didn’t feel left out. Three years of research went into designing a pair pants that’s soft and fitted yet contains just enough stretch to provide comfort rather than restriction. They’re designed for being worn everyday, from morning to night, in a variety of settings. What I’m saying is that you can wear these to the office and then out at night if you want to. They look that good and fit that good. But don’t take my word for it; the Barbell Apparel website has hundreds of reviews of its men’s and women’s pants, and at $99 this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, why not test drive a pair yourself?

The $99 pants and three polos for $99 sale is live now at Barbell Apparel and you can save whether you want pants for a guy or a gal. Unfortunately the $99 for three polos deal is only applicable to the men, as the women’s tops section is a little lacking in that department.

Remember to check back tomorrow for full details of Onnit’s Black Friday 2019 sale. You won’t need any coupon codes or discount codes–everything that’s on sale will be on sale for everyone. I’ve also reached out to Barbell Apparel to see if they have anything up their sleeve so I’ll fill you in on those details once I hear back.

Have a great day, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

This post contains product links to Barbell Apparel, Onnit, and possibly Amazon, of which I will be compensated if you make a purchase.

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